Easy PowerPoint Tricks You May Not Know About

PowerPoint is an application that is available within the office suite Office or Microsoft 365. It is a powerful tool for making presentations, but one that can often surprise us, since some of its most useful functions may be unknown or simply hidden.

That is why today we are going to see some easy tricks that we may not know and that will help us to work more productively, obtaining better results in our presentations.

Sort items in a list with a keyboard shortcut

When writing text in PowerPoint, it is usual to do it in bullet format when we want to make a list of elements one below the other. At the time we want move one of those names from the list up or down we will not be able to do it in a comfortable way. Possibly we would choose to cut and paste elsewhere, but there is an easier way to arrange these items.

PowerPoint move items from a list

To do this, we are going to select one of the list elements to interact with it by dragging the mouse pointer to have it selected or use the key combination «Shift + Home» or «Shift + End». Once the element is selected we use the shortcut “Shift + Alt + Up / Down Arrow” to move the item up or down in the list. In this more comfortable way we can keep all the elements of a list always organized.

Use the Selection Panel to control object names and layers

An interesting element that we may not know about is the Selection Panel. From him we can give names to all the elements that we have on the screen and control the order of each layer. We can also use it to hide elements that are displayed on the screen and that bother us with the work we are currently doing.

PowerPoint Selection Panel

We can activate it from the “Start” tab. In the “Edition” section we find the option to “Select” and “Selection panel”. Pressing will open a panel that appears on the right side of the screen, in which list all types of objects that appear on the slide. From here we can edit the names of the objects, order them, hide or show them.

Review the content while PowerPoint reads the presentation to us

While reviewing a list in our presentation we can use the “Read aloud” option from PowerPoint to take care of reading your content so that we can make sure it is spelled correctly. This is something that we can do quite quickly.

PowerPoint customize ribbon

To do this, click on File, then on «Options and finally on Customize Ribbon. At the top we select All Commands. Now in the list we look for the option of “Read” and click on the “Add” button within a custom group. Now we only have to point out all the elements of a page that we want PowerPoint to read aloud to us and click on their corresponding button in the toolbar.

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