Easy&Smart Software 2022: the best business management software guide

Looking for business management software? In this case, you already know that we speak of a singularly wide sector, with all kinds of solutions, versions of the same, options to purchase software or services, scales for various needs… it is undoubtedly a very rich ecosystem, but entering it can become very complex. So much so that making a decision ends up being much more complex than it might seem at first.

This abundance of options makes the choice difficult and can even lead us to make the wrong choice, because it is possible that we may not even know the most appropriate option for our needs. If there were only five services it would be very simple, with 50 the situation is substantially complicated, but the problem is that a quick search will return hundreds of results, making it impossible to properly assess each of them.

And a bad choice in this regard It is something that can have a very high cost.. Opting for the wrong business management software will immediately result in a decrease in our efficiency compared to the level we could have achieved with the right solution. Something that, added to the resistance that arises in the face of the possibility of any subsequent change, will not leave us in a good place, rather the contrary.

In order to avoid these risks and help companies of all types and conditions, from small SMEs to large corporations, our colleagues at MuyPYMES have published Software Easy&Smart 2022, the ultimate business management software guide and, therefore, an essential resource for any company that is currently or in the future going to undertake a process of adopting solutions of this type, as well as for those that are not satisfied with what they currently use and want to carry out a prospecting to find alternatives.

For the preparation of this very complete guide, which you can download from this link, our colleagues have made in-depth market analysis workto which they have added their extensive knowledge of it and, very importantly, they have added the collaboration of the most relevant companies in the sector, such as: Primavera Group, SOL Software, Wolters Kluwer, Sage, Zucchetti Spain, Aqua eSolutions and Microsoft.

In order not to lose the readers of the guide in an endless collection of solution types, the selection has been focused on three key categories: ERP, CRM and billing, so that it is much easier to focus the search and review all the options more recommendations that we have within our reach. And you can be sure that we are talking about a totally reliable and 100% updated guide, not in vain this is already its third edition.

This is what you will find in Software Easy&Smart 2022, the definitive business management software guide:

  • Files with the information of the most outstanding manufacturers
  • channel proposals
  • The solutions that will work best for SMEs and freelancers
  • Directory with hundreds of companies, divided by ERP, CMR and Billing
  • The impact of management software on the Digital Kit
  • Exclusive content

With the help of this guide, which you can easily get totally freeBy simply filling out a short questionnaire, choosing the best solution for businesses and companies will be a much simpler process, and it will surely have a much better end

Easy&Smart Software 2022: the best business management software guide 36

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