EcoDeliver and Kidalos gain access to investors and business angels after winning the ImaginPlanet Challenge

Imagin has organized its Demo Day so that entrepreneurs ImaginPlanet Challenge winners present their projects to investors, business angels, accelerator platforms and prestigious organizations in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Through this conference, the creators of EcoDeliver and Kidalos have made their projects known to potential investors, which have the objective of making the parcel transport sector and the consumption of toys more sustainable, respectively.

East Demo day is one more step in the process of support and accompaniment that Imagin offers through the ImaginPlanet Challenge, the program through which it provides training and tools to a generation of young people with environmental awareness and entrepreneurial concerns so that they can develop projects capable of generating a positive impact on the planet.

The session was attended by a group of investors and business angels, as well as accelerators such as Connector and Ship2B, and with the support of organizations such as Zone2boost, Plug and Play, Tech Barcelona and DayOne, the specialized division for technology and innovation companies and their investors.

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EcoDeliver and Kidalos were chosen last July as winners of the first edition of the imaginPlanet Challenge among the 230 teams participating in the program, made up of more than 700 young people from 16 Spanish universities.

During this summer, the two winning projects had the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial idea in a ecolab in Lanzarote, where they were able to start the incubation phase of the project and create their minimum viable product (MVP) thanks to the training, advice and mentoring of imagin and a team of professionals who are experts in entrepreneurship, sustainability and innovation.

EcoDeliver: collaborative parcel transport

Patrick Lokkegaard (23 years old), Joan Mateu (23 years old) and Rubén Andreu (20 years old) are the young pioneers of EcoDeliver, a project that consists of creating a community for transport parcels, one of the sectors that generates the most CO2 emissions due to the volume of trips, following a collaborative and 100% sustainable model. Through a digital platform, users would offer trips in their private vehicles to other cities to transport packages and thus take advantage of the journey.

In this way, the user who transports could pay for his trip and the user who makes the shipment would take advantage of the space of a vehicle that was going to move anyway, avoiding So generate CO2 emissions additional. The EcoDeliver project would also have a complementary service for deliveries within the same city through electric vans.

“We want to lead a sustainable movement in the parcel sector. Most of today’s solutions only offset the emissions from shipments; we want to eradicate them from the beginning and know that through our effort and dedication, together with that of the #ecoDrivers, we can make a difference », explain the creators of EcoDeliver.

Patrick, Joan and Rubén emphasize that “Imagin’s support is an enormously important factor for us, the experience in the mentoring environment has been spectacular” and, on Demo Day, they add that “It is a way of taking advantage of the opportunity to attract the attention of the investment community to try to raise an investment round soon to be able to launch EcoDeliver in the main regions of Spain”.

Kidalos: shared toys

Sisters Andrea Enríquez (29 years old) and Vanesa Enríquez (29 years old) are the two young people behind Kidalos, a project that is committed to promoting a sustainable toy consumption through a circular economy model. Kidalos is conceived as a subscription platform to rent toys, play with them for a period of time, and return them so that other children can enjoy them.

The objective of the project is to avoid the constant consumption and accumulation of toys, reduce the ecological footprint produced by the industry and promote the saving of time, money and space, both for families and schools. In addition, all Kidalos toys are educational, genderless and will give visibility to local and artisan manufacturers.

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