Edge grows unstoppable: about to be the second most used browser

There was a time when Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s web browser, had almost the entire market share. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it did not know how to adapt to the changes of the Internet and other browsers, such as Opera, Firefox and, above all, Chrome, took users off the streets. After many years with an almost negligible market share, and after starting from scratch twice, the new Edge, based on Chromium, seems to be doing things right, at least for the moment.

Little by little, the new Edge is recovering part of the market share lost years ago. Although it is still a long way from Google Chrome, who has a 68.74% share, right now Microsoft’s browser ranks third as the most used browser. And he is close to snatching second place from one of his toughest rivals: Safari, Apple’s browser.

Edge vs Safari: fight for second place

At the end of June 2021, Safari has a market share of 9.7%, while Edge remains at 8.1%. However, last month the tables have been turning little by little, and that is that Apple’s browser has lost 0.4% of the market, while Microsoft’s has gained 0.07%.

These small percentages may not tell us much about the evolution of the two web browsers, but the truth is that Safari has been losing users little by little all year, without being able to recover for a single month, while Edge has been gaining followers since February without stop.

Below these three browsers we find Firefox, who ranks fourth. Mozilla’s browser has been losing users little by little for months, and no matter how hard the company tries, it doesn’t quite convince users. And finally we have Opera, with a 2.48% market share, already Internet explorer, with 1.45%, both browsers losing users month after month.

Safari has been a good browser in the past, yet another alternative to popular browsers. However, although macOS is installed by default, and continues to improve and evolve constantly, its version for Windows has long been abandoned. Although we can install Safari in Windows 10, the version that we download is excessively old, and is full of bugs and errors. Apple could regain market share if it decided to re-launch its browser for Windows, although there seems to be little intention of doing so. Thus, Edge will end up snatching second place in the ranking.

This is how browsers are in Spain

In Spain, the panorama that we find with the browsers is similar, although with nuances. Google Chrome, of course, is the most used web browser with 71.67%. However, in second place, we can find Safari and Firefox with an 8.28% market share each. A total tie. And in third place we have Edge, with a 7.31% share.

Quota browsers Spain June 2021

As is the case on the world scene, in Spain other browsers such as Firefox or Safari have been losing users non-stop for a long time, while Edge continues to gain followers, slowly but surely. Opera and IE also occupy the bottom positions in the ranking, with the two not reaching 4% of the market share.

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