Edge now gives us the ability to add text to loaded PDFs

This is a relatively more modern browser than most of its competitors, but one that wants to overshadow the larger ones. It seems that with Mozilla’s Firefox he has already achieved it, now he is going for the almighty Google Chrome. For all this, Microsoft does not stop improving this project in which it has placed so much hope.

Well, now we can tell you that the signature of Redmond you are already testing the possibility of adding text in PDF documents that we open here. It is obvious that we are going to achieve all this without the need to use third-party applications.

Edge allows adding texts to PDF files

There is no doubt that Microsoft knows perfectly well that if it wants to compete head-to-head with Google’s program, it has to get ahead of Chrome with new functions. With all this, what he intends is to convince users to migrate to his proposal over the months. Handling files in PDF format is a great asset to follow, and Redmond knows it. That is why some of the users who update to the latest version of Edge Canary, you can already try the new feature that we have mentioned.

Specifically, we refer to the capacity that allows us to add text to documents in PDF format that we have previously loaded into the program. And it is that the firm has listened to the suggestions of its users and is now adding a long-awaited function that allows us to add texts to a PDF. In this way we save ourselves from having to use third-party applications for these tasks. It is worth mentioning that this improvement comes to Edge for both Windows and macOS.

edge texts

Something that we must bear in mind is that the new function is arriving selectively. This means that even though we have updated Edge Canary to version 94.0.995.0, not all users already have the new feature.

How to test the new PDF feature in Edge

In this way, those who have already received the function in their Edge Canary, will find themselves with a button called Add Text. Until the date of the program, I was able to open and display the contents of a PDF. In addition, we could perform underlining and some other basic task. However, we could not add texts, as it happens now in the latest version.

To make use of the aforementioned functionality, we just have to press the new button and click the place where we want to add the text box. At the same time we have the possibility of right-clicking on the place in the document where we want to add the text box, and selecting the option from the contextual menu.

It is also important to know that we can give a certain format to this new element, we mean choosing a colour for the text, or the size of the text.

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