Edge now remembers where we left off when reading a PDF

As a general rule, these new features first go through the previous test versions of the browser itself. Specifically, we refer to the Dev and Canary from Microsoft Edge. These are the pre-trial versions where the software giant sends the latest news. This allows testers to detect errors in them and assess whether it is worth it to make it to the final version of the program. This is the case that concerns us in these same lines, for example, and that focuses on the PDF files.

What Edge brings back when opening a PDF

It is possible that many of you over the months or that you have realized that web browsers are an excellent option when opening files in PDF format. There are several reasons for all this, where we can highlight that on the internet we find a multitude of documentation in this format. While in the past we had to download these files and open them with a specific program, that is now over.

For some time now, most internet browsers already have the ability to open and show us their content. office files. We tell you all this because now Microsoft Edge is receiving a new update to improve the handling of these files. Specifically, it will allow users to resume reading from the last location of the documents PDF. It is worth mentioning that this function is being implemented in some of the aforementioned testers that run the Dev and Canary versions of Edge.

You should know that currently the eastern PDF file reader browser it does not offer an option to reopen them from where we left them. Therefore, when closing a file and reopening it, we will have to navigate through it to the specific section where we left it. It goes without saying that, if we are faced with a document of this type of large size, this can be a significant annoyance.

How to open a PDF where we left it in the browser

To solve this problem that we are commenting on, Microsoft you are introducing a new setting in your Edge browser. It will allow us to pick up the PDF documents from where they were left in the previous open session.

At this point we will tell you that, in order to activate this functionality, we have to go to the Settings menu. Here and we select the Cookies and site permissions option and click on the PDF Documents option, where we activate the PDF View Settings button.

pdf Edge

Of course, it should be noted that the deployment of the function it is being done little by little, which means that not all users have received it. In this way, it is being gradually sent to the Canary and Dev version users’ teams.

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