Edge Workspaces, now in public beta for everyone

About six months ago, during Microsoft Ignite 2022, the Redmonds introduced Edge Workspaces, a new feature for their web browser. Our colleagues at MuyComputerPRO echoed this announcement and gave us a description of it, which, at that time, was addressed exclusively to the professional sector, more specifically and as we can deduce from its name, to work teams.

However, from its very announcement it aimed to be a function that could also find an excellent fit among private users, since the creation of groups of several people who carry out online activities is not limited exclusively to the work environment. Whether it’s family groups, friends, gym buddies or neighbors in the building, there are many contexts in which online collaborative tools are most useful.

With Microsoft Edge Workspaces, Microsoft adds a new and interesting function to its browser, which has also recently received the split-screen feature, in addition to the expected Copilot mode based on the new Bing chatbot. It is impossible to deny that Microsoft is really striving to make its browser more attractive to users every day. Whether or not he is succeeding depends, of course, on the individual perspective of each one. I personally think so.

Now, why am I echoing a function aimed at the professional sector? Well, because, in reality, that is no longer the case, since the company has just announced that Microsoft Edge Workspaces has already entered the public beta phase for home users who wish to start testing this tool. People who want to try it will have to access this address (from Edge, of course) and request to join the beta, which currently has limited places.

Once you have received access (which will be immediate if invitations are available), you will see that you can create multiple workspaces, in addition to sending a maximum of five invitations to your contacts to join them. This number of invitations (in total, not per group) is obviously quite low, but this is due to the testing phase it is in, since Microsoft’s intention is that there are no limits (or at least that they are much more high) in this sense.

And what is Edge Workspaces? Well, in offering a shared space in which users can organize their tasks and activities through a set of tabs and bookmarks shared and accessed simultaneously. Explained in another way, it will be as if all the users of the group accessed the same instance of a browser, sharing all its content.

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