Edit and record professional-level audio with WavePad

WavePad is a music and audio recorder and editor developed by NCH ​​Software for Windows and macOS. Despite being free, it has all the functions that we can expect from a professional editor, since it is very complete. With it, we can record and edit music, voices and other audio recordings from our computer. When it comes to editing, it allows us to cut, copy and paste different parts of the recordings. We can also use and add different effects to improve audio quality such as echo, amplifier and noise reduction.

This powerful software works as file editor MP3 or WAV, but it is also compatible with a large number of audio formats, including WMA, GSM, VOX, AU, REAL AUDIO, OGG, FLAC, among many more. It has full support for DirectX plug-ins and Virtual Studio DLL Technology (VST), providing access to a wide range of additional tools and effects. In addition, it supports sample rates ranging from 6 to 96KHz, stereo or mono, 8, 16, 24 or 32 bits.

Along with all this, WavePad offers a extensive library of effects Sound. These include hundreds of royalty-free sound effects and music clips so that we can use them completely legally.

WavePad, all in one to work with audios

Once we have installed the application and started it, we come across its main menu. Here we can appreciate an interface that is completely in Spanish and visually attractive. As we can see, it has two toolbars, one at the top and the other on the left side. The fact that it has two duplicate bars may be somewhat unnecessary, so if we wish we can close the left panel by clicking on the “x” icon.

Record audio from the microphone

Another of WavePad’s key functions is the possibility of making recordings from our microphone, ideal for recording ourselves while we sing or for podcasting. To find all the available options we must click on the “Burn” tab in the upper task bar. We can also start recording directly by pressing Record at the bottom or with the hotkey F5.

It is possible that before starting it is necessary that the sound devices are connected to the computer and turned on, as well as that the correct recording device is selected in the WavePad “Recording Options” tab.

From it we can select the device and the audio input and we can even directly access the Windows mixer in the event that we have to make any adjustments. It also allows us to show levels when the recording is on hold, mark the options corresponding to automatic recording and add recording markers if the window is not new and is not fully selected.

Edit your audio and add effects

To start editing our audio, just open the corresponding file, something we can do from the “File” tab, click on “Open file” and select the desired file. This will open a window in the program interface. From now on we can start working with it, such as adding different types of effects, something we can do from the tab with your name.

WavePad sound effects

By clicking on it, we have available some of the most common options such as “Amplify”, “Normalize”, “Fade in”, “Fade out” or “Remove noise”. These can be found in the left panel. In the upper panel we find the rest of the available options such as “Echo”, “Reverb”, “Envelope”, “Clean”, “Change effects”, among others.

Interestingly, you can start with the quick effects button, from where we can add different effects such as “Fantasy”, “People”, “Science fiction”, “Strange and funny” with which to customize the audio. We also find another button that groups the most popular effects, and others with Pro effects, especially aimed at those with some experience in the world of audio editing.

Other functions to perform

Other functions that we can find in this complete software can be found in the “Voice” tab, where we have the possibility of creating a new audio file, passing all content from text to speech. From here we can also change the speed and height of the sound and make voice reduction and effects modifications. In addition, it will also help us record tracks from our audio CDs and transfer them to the computer.

WavePad export files

When saving and exporting the result, we can use the Export tab at the top. From there it will allow us to upload the file to the cloud (DropBox, SoundCloud, Google Drive and OneDrive), upload to YouTube, send as email or export the audio as a file inside our computer.

Conclusions: is it worth betting on WavePad?

As we can see WavePad is an audio recording and editing software very complete. It has many options that will delight lovers of music and audio in general, since they will be able to treat their files with a wide range of utilities. In addition, for domestic use we do not have to pay anything so it is ideal to test it completely and get hold of each of its functions.

It is highly recommended for voice recordings and edits off, and great for joining several different recorded files together to make one final track. We can cut different parts of a recording and insert them into a single audio unit, which is a great time saver. Also, cleaning tools can save us from having to erase and re-record auditions again. That is why it is a highly recommended option, and a very tough competitor to one of the most popular options on the market such as Audacity.

Download this audio editor for free

WavePad has a free version and a paid master version. The free version can be downloaded by clicking on this link to the website of its developers. It is found available without price for non-commercial use only ($ 39.95 for professional use). In addition, it does not have an expiration date and has many of the features of the master version. If we want to acquire the master version, it has a cost of $ 69.95, which unlike the standard edition includes compatibility with a sound library of effects and VST plugins. The application works on Windows 10, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and on macOS 10.5 and higher. Additionally, it also has an application compatible with mobile devices with Android and iOS.

Other alternatives for recording and editing audio

In case we are looking for a program with which we can edit and record audio, but WavePad has not finished convincing us, we propose some alternatives that we must take into account.


It is possibly one of the most popular audio recording and editing applications, at least within the free options. Along with the ability to record audio, we can convert tapes and CD records or digital recordings and a wide range of editing jobs such as copying, pasting and mixing sounds together. It also has different types of cutoff, fade, and normalization effects, among many other functions. We can download it for free from this link to its main website.


This powerful audio editor is based on Ocean Framework, the popular library designed to adapt the development of audio editing applications to various platforms, capable of meeting the needs of the most advanced users. It has a good variety of audio effects and the possibility of listening to the processed signal while adjusting the controls, achieving total control over it. It is possible to download Ocenaudio for free from its website.

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