News, the design tool that helps SMEs to compete with large corporations

The Spanish graphic design startup for small businesses and entrepreneurs, reaches 15 million users. The startup has more than 100,000 editable templates in a couple of clicks, lowering the learning curve compared to other more complex graphic design tools. It also highlights that all the images, fonts and resources do not have copyright and any business can use them without problems.

The main mission of, according to the founder and CEO, Daniel Rodriguez, “is that we help small businesses and startups to improve their visual communication and not be at a disadvantage with their competitors” and adds “This way they can have a professional design in all your communications, without the need to be experts in graphic design”.

In addition, from the startup it is pointed out that “the main feature of is that the tool is aimed at any business that needs signage, for example a restaurant, a store or a gym. Users use the
tool in their day to day to make informative posters for their clients, the menu of the day, even promotions for sales, without the need to hire a graphic designer, which gives them agility”.

And he adds that one of the characteristics of is that “by having a freemium model small businesses can use it at no cost to improve their visual communication and help generate more sales”.

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Likewise, the entrepreneur adds that “The platform solves the problem of designers for small businesses who either don’t know any of them, or if they know, they are very busy, and for small day-to-day designs, they are left unable to do so and are at a competitive disadvantage with chains that they have visually very attractive promotions. fixes this and gives them access to a professional designer in the cloud where they can edit their templates in two minutes”.

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