Edit photos like a pro with these Edge plugins

photo editor

We are talking about a free complement specially designed to be able to see and edit our photos quickly. This Edge extension supports popular image formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF. Therefore, we can use it to edit our photos and improve them quickly to share or save them. Includes some of the most common functions to do this like adding rounded corners, changing brightness and contrast, adding filters and blurring any photo.

Also, it allows us download images from social networks like Instagram and instant messaging applications like WhatsApp to save them on our computer and start editing from there. Any image edited with this plugin can be downloaded and even printed once the editing process is finished and displayed in a photo gallery.

We can download it at no cost from the Edge Add-on Store.


The use of this free extension is especially aimed at home users who want to get great results when it comes to retouch your digital photos without the need to install dedicated software on your computer. This editor will allow us to create different types of effects on our images, combining the features of Instagram with the sophistication of Photoshop. It will not be necessary to have previous knowledge of design, since it has different characteristics to help us carry out our work.


For example, we will be able to easily adjust the brightness, exposure, tone, saturation and colors. This plugin will also help us to solve different problems that we have been able to find when taking the photo, such as poor lighting, the appearance of digital noise, the presence of colors, blurry or the always annoying red eyes. All these corrections can be carried out with a single click. It also has filters such as speech bubbles, includes frames and text tools, and even allows the use of layers. Once finished we can save the final result on our hard drive.

We can download Photo Editor for free from the Edge Store.

photographic effects

This add-on for Edge will allow us to create photos that really stand out to be able to share them on our social networks, adding different effects to surprise our friends. To do this, this is a free application allows us transform our images images we take with our mobile phone camera into extraordinary graphics that we can share with our friends online. As with other similar applications, we will be able to have a good number of features to be able to modify the light configuration, eliminate blurs and apply different effects to achieve a truly striking and spectacular result.

photographic effects

All you have to do is upload any photo to the extension to later be able to add texts, filters, clip art and play with tools to change the brightness, saturation and sharpness until you achieve the desired result. We can also check out photo filters, clip art features, and experiment with their black and white filters. Once finished, we can save the new photo obtained on our computer again.

We can download the Photo Effects extension from the Microsoft Store.

Add watermark to photos

This plugin allows us to edit our photos to be able to protect our copyright on them so that other people cannot use them without our permission, inserting a watermark or specific text on it. To do this, we simply have to press the Add watermark button and start using this plugin that will allow us to choose the position where we want to add the brand. It is compatible with batch editing so we can add the same watermark to all our photos at the same time.

Add watermark to photos

If we are especially concerned about our privacy, the developers of this extension ensure that security is guaranteed because the software only takes care of adding the mark to the photos and then it is automatically removed from its servers after an hour, so They don’t keep them at any time.

We can download this plugin from the Edge Store.

Use the Chrome Web Store

As we mentioned, the fact that Edge is based on Chromium will allow Microsoft’s browser to have full compatibility with the extensions found in the Google Store. Although it should be noted that there may be cases where the plugin does not work as well as it should since it has not been designed especially for Edge, but in most cases we should not have any problems.

PhotoStudio Photo Editor

This complement allows us, on the one hand, to use our PC’s camera to take photos, and on the other modify, import and edit any type of images and graphics. To do this, it provides us with a flexible area with a multitude of editing, effect and filter functions that can give us greater creativity in the final result. It also allows us to use custom filters that we have created with other popular programs such as Photoshop, GIMP or Lightroom, as well as make adjustments to brightness, contrast or clarity and unleash our creativity.

PhotoStudio Photo Editor

There will be no shortage of the possibility of carrying out cutting, turning and rotating jobs and adding text, counting on a library of fonts that can be exchanged, expanded or reduced. In addition, it provides stickers and a Brush tool, specially optimized for interaction on touch screens, supporting different brush strokes that can be edited both in terms of thickness and color. Once finished we can download or share the modified images.

Install PhotoStudio from the Google Store and use it in your Edge browser.

PaintMagick Image Editor

This plugin will allow us create and edit photos from our Edge browser. To do this we can paste the image from the clipboard, load it directly from our PC or drag and drop the photo directly onto the extension. It supports popular image extensions like PNG, JPG, BMP, WEBP, GIF, and JSON. Within its editing functions we can undo, copy, paste and cut. We can also make cuts, change size, rotate and flip. There will also be no lack of color corrections such as modifying the brightness, contrast, tone, saturation and luminance. Another important factor is that it allows working with a multi-layer system, blending, flattening and compatibility with transparency.

PaintMagick Image Editor

Of course we will lack the ability to insert different effects (blur, black and white, gamma, gray scale, vignettes, etc.) and the ability to use different tools such as pencil, brush, magic wand, color picker, blur, restore the alpha, among others.

Install PaintMagick for Edge from the Microsoft Web Store.

Easy Online Image Editor

We are talking about an excellent tool for edit photos, create banners and logos quickly, without the need to download any software to the PC or even have to register. To do this we will only have to add the desired image by inserting its URL or loading the image.

Easy Online Image Editor

We will have different tabs with functions, such as Basic to crop, rotate, change the size or merge images. The Text tab allows us to add text, having a good number of fonts for it. Using the Drawing tab we can use the Brush tool with seven types of shapes to draw. We can also add different filters (sepia, noise, gray scale, etc), insert stickers (bubble, beaches, animals, clouds…) and add shapes like a triangle, rectangle, etc.

Download and install Easy Online Image editor from the Google Add-ons Store.

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