eFootball is completely out of the game: Konami returns the money

Konami’s apologies

Konami has announced that the expected big eFootball update that was going to include the new graphics engine of the game, the mobile version and many other new features will finally be delayed until 2022. This has left users completely cold, as, disappointed with the horrible initial launch, they hoped to get the definitive change to enjoy the game forever again.

Unfortunately things have gotten complicated, and update 1.0.0 who were planning to launch the November 11th will move to some point in the spring 2022That is, until March at least we will not hear from her. This is a tremendous stick for those users who were waiting like water in May for the new functions and the possibility of playing with players from other consoles thanks to the arrival of crossplay.


And no mobile version

Konami efootball

Something that was especially striking in the first announcement of eFootball 2022 is that Konami opted for a mobile version that would not cut too many aspects of the original game. This attracted a lot of attention, basically because mobile gamers could also compete against console and PC players.

Unfortunately, the pocket version has also asked for a leave of absence, and it will not be until 2022 when we finally see it in the app stores. More waiting.

Refund of money for the inconvenience

And amid all this maelstrom of disappointments, Konami has had to respond in some way, and for this he has decided return the money to all those users who paid the 40 euros that the reservation cost of the Premium Player Pack, a DLC that could only be used with version 1.0.0, so, given the almost indefinite delay, the most reasonable thing was to return the money so as not to have users waiting too long.

eFootball Konami

This refund will be automatic, so players should not do anything special or claim the money in any dedicated portal. It is something that today sounds like the most reasonable and minimum that the company could do, since paying 40 euros for something that is finally not available and that does not seem to have very clear its final date of launching, It is not exactly a very pleasant experience for anyone.

We’ll see where this whole situation ends, but if we take into account that we will have to wait until 2022, more than one will lose the desire to test the game with FIFA at full speed and the big leagues singing the end of the themselves. What is Konami doing with PES? The fans don’t deserve this.

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