eFootball: Konami recognizes that the game is a disaster but still tries to save the furniture

While eFootball is gradually falling into oblivion, Konami is returning to the charge with the first update of the game. In addition to solving the (very) many problems present at the release, the studio took the opportunity to apologize. The latter recognizes that the quality has not been there and promises to make up for his mistakes in the months to come.

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Have you already forgotten eFootball? We can’t really blame you, as the game is poor. Yet when it was announced, old PES fans were impatient. It must be said that the promise was enticing. Transforming the cult football game into free-to-play available on PC, consoles, and smartphones, there was something to be playful about. In fact, the disappointment was only stronger. When it was released, eFootball caused controversy. Between awful graphics and recurring bugsits quality is questionable to say the least.

Critics are not kept waiting. On Steam, ratings plummet in no time, as fans take to social media to shout their rage at Konami. Then, radio silence. For 6 months, the studio will work on a big update supposed to solve the problems of the title. The latter will finally be available next week. The opportunity for Konami to make amends.

Konami apologizes for the disastrous quality of eFootball

“We were too focused on getting the game out on time that we lost sight of the most important thing: quality. », thus explains the development studio. An excuse now well known to players, that the studios come out all the way whether after the failed releases of Cyberpunk 2077 or more recently Battlefield 2042. This does not prevent Konami from believing in its game.

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Update 1.0, which will be available on next April 14, therefore promises to correct the many problems alleged against eFootball. The studio has yet to detail the changes made, so caution is advised. To note that the mobile version will not be entitled to the update yet. Konami adds that it will communicate soon on the deployment date for players on smartphones.

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