EK Quantum Vector 2, liquid cooling kit for RTX 3090 Ti

Installing the latest NVIDIA graphics in a PC means having a beast of 500 W of consumption generating heat inside your computer. That is why if you prefer an alternative to keep your GPU cool, then the EK Quantum Vector 2 for the NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti becomes the option to consider if you do not trust air cooling.

The increase in TDP in new graphics card models has become a concern for many, since this means a rise in PC temperature. In these cases air cooling systems may not be good enough. It is at this point that it is necessary to go to much more complex solutions to maintain the thermal health of our PC.

And it is that the arrival of the PCIe Gen 5 power connector brings with it new graphics cards that can not only exceed 400 W, but also go to 500 W and even 600 W of TDP. Ranges in which to maintain a stable temperature it is necessary to opt for solutions such as the EK Quantum Vector 2 for the NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti, which will not only allow us to keep the temperature of the graphics card low, but will also give us a certain margin to speed up the graphics card through programs like MSI Afterburner

EK Quantum Vector 2 to cool the NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti

EK has just introduced a new liquid cooling block for NVIDIA graphics cards, in this case the EK Quantum Vector 2 for the RTX 3090 Ti. Although at the moment we do not know the price and availability of them, since they have just been presented.

EK Quantum Vector 2

However, for reasons of shape and dimensions of the graphics cards on which it will be mounted, the models with which we can use it are currently limited to the following:

  • asus strix
  • NVIDIA Founders Edition and the rest of RTX 3090 Ti graphics cards that share the same PCB

At the moment it is unknown if the list of models will increase much more, since with the recent presentation of the RTX 3090 Ti there are still custom models from different brands that are announcing at the time of writing these lines. Logic tells us that this will be the case and it will become an excellent option for those who prefer liquid cooling instead of the classic air-based one.

E. K. Qunatum Vector 2

The people at EK have also added cooling to the rear, through a backplate, where despite the fact that the new model does not contain any memory chip installed, unlike the standard RTX 3090, they did want that part of the graphics card is completely cooled from all sides of it. Which is appreciated in a GPU such as the NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti and its high TDP. Do you think something like the EK Quantum Vector 2 is necessary to cool a 500W graphics card, or do you think it’s not necessary?

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