Ekon and Acens join forces for ERP management in the cloud

The use of cloud computing It is not yet the majority in Spanish SMEs. Only 29% of small companies use these services, compared to 48% of medium and 68% of large. These data, —recently presented in the report «Use of digital technologies by companies in Spain 2022» prepared by the National Observatory of Technology and Society— make it more evident the fracture that is still given by size in the Spanish business fabric as far as the commitment to digitization is concerned.

To ensure progress in the digital agenda of Spanish SMEs and to boost their competitiveness Ekon, an expert in business management solutions in the cloud for Spanish SMEs and belonging to the newly formed Grupo Primavera, which aspires to be the leader in the management software market In the Iberic Peninsule; and Acens, a pioneer in the development of cloud solutions for small and medium-sized companies, have just signed an agreement to accelerate competitiveness and the digital transformation of Spanish companies.

With the agreement, acens will manage the application environment of Ekon Cloud customers hosted on AWS by acens, providing them with greater scalability, security and mobility. Likewise, acens customers, for their part, will be able to enjoy this erp-software that allows you to automate your company’s management processes in an agile and flexible manner. In this way, they maintain their uniqueness and reinforce their operational excellence in increasingly dynamic and global markets.

Only 34% of ERP in the cloud

According to the report “Use of digital technologies by companies in Spain”, the most requested cloud computing services by companies are email and file storage, 81% and 80%, respectively. The cloud is also used as database server (70%) and to provide software (64%) and computer security applications (63%). However, services to run enterprise software in the cloud are only requested by 36%, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software applications in the cloud by only 34%.

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Given the data from the aforementioned report, Juan Antonio Fernández, CEO of Ekon, considers that «This scenario of the incipient use of ERP in the Cloud by Spanish SMEs must be reversed as soon as possible if we want them to be competitive and able to lead markets, both national and international».

for Fernandez «Having a partner of the prestige of Acens represents a strong boost to achieve our goal of becoming a benchmark for the digitization of companies in Spain. We have come together to bring SMEs Ekon’s great Cloud ERP technology together with the best flexible, secure and efficient cloud services offered by Acens».

For Javier Cobo, CCO of acens “Bringing Ekon’s Cloud ERP to SMEs, from our AWS by acens service, expands the current offer of providing small and medium-sized companies with greater choice, competitiveness and excellence.”

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