Ekon Summer 2022, have you tried it yet?

Ekon, one of Grupo Primavera’s outstanding brands, recently launched its new ERP, Summer 2022. SMEs face daily multitude of challenges in business management, from the control and analysis of invoicing, to the management of orders in progress, payroll, projects, contracts and the monitoring of all this. Tedious tasks that directly affect the productivity of companies and their employees, and to which is added the difficulty of dealing with constant regulatory changes and anti-fraud measures, which continue to set trends at European level.

This new version has tools that allow an immediate deployment of the solution, thanks to its 100% cloud technology. In addition, Ekon has incorporated business intelligence aimed at improving customer relations, billing cycles and collection periods, orders and operations related to their dispatch, as well as a whole set of control panels analytical in the field of personnel management and financial compensation. Also has with electronic signature systems to facilitate the digitization of contracts and settlements in the labor part, as well as in the field of customer relations.

“Ekon’s commitment to its customers is total. This update is intended for all our users. With Ekon Summer 2022 we want escort customers and offer them the possibilities and advantages offered by the cloud. All this without the companies having to assume the risks”says Isidro Velis, Director of Clients and Product of Ekon.

With specific functionalities for each sector

Ekon Summer 2022 offers new features specific to each vertical. In the health environment, new views of agendas and calendars are incorporated, which are also complemented by new filters by profiles and an improved user experience. Something necessary and up to the demands of users in the sector. New features are also included for easier management of patient requests and reports, which optimizes the time of professionals. Regarding Interoperability, new connections to the Patient Clinical Record (HCP) and other processes that facilitate the integration of multiple devices and external systems to our Cloud environments are incorporated.

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In the case of professional offices, Ekon Summer 2022 includes a new channel of communication with the firm’s clients. This allows improving customer loyalty, as well as productivity improvements as a result of the decentralization of activities. New support systems for office users are also incorporated, which will have a set of dashboards aimed at channeling the existing workload in the most efficient way.

In addition, through the new Advisor Portal, A meeting point is opened to provide self-service to the end customer, allowing consultation and registration of information on employees, automated information collection, and publication of news and links of interest that have a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

User experience improvement

One of the fundamental principles used in the development of Ekon has to do with simplifying the day-to-day life of users, which makes Ekon solutions increasingly intuitive and usable. In addition, new technologies such as portals allow access to the ERP to sporadic userswho may not have the practice or time to learn how to navigate the full functional scope of the various solutions with ease.

With this new version, Ekon has also thought that users do not have to interrupt their daily work when doubts arise, incorporating self-service tools that give them access to virtual training, as well as a new User Community where they can find solution to their problems more immediately than by traditional access to support services, which of course are still available to all customers. All this integrated in the same user interface to further simplify its use.

Finally, in this new version we have also thought about the most sophisticated clients who personalize and adapt their solution to increase their differentiation in the market. Summer 2022 includes an Automatic Testing environment, that drastically reduces the time spent on system tests when changing versions or performing an update. Something that guarantees that the support for the critical business processes of the companies is always operational and fully operational.

Ultimately, we are before a step forward in the improvement of processes, the optimization of resources and automation.

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