El Rubius and other youtubers that have appeared in movies

The fame What gives a social network like Youtube It has already surprised us many times. The numbers and the interaction they generate among their followers have taken the platform’s best-known creators to places that, a few years ago, they could not even imagine. Today we want to talk to you about, perhaps, the highest ladder that only a few have achieved: making the leap from the small to the big screen. These are the most important appearances of youtubers in movies.

Youtubers who have appeared in movies

As we mentioned, not everyone has managed to take this step. Something that, surely, has been a milestone in their careers and that many would not believe when their agents contacted them for the job.

Luckily, the film and entertainment industry has evolved a lot, realizing that iconic YouTube profiles was a very good way to reach out to internet audiences. In addition, of course, to take advantage of its growing popularity and image.

The first case we want to talk to you about is the appearance of the youtuber Liza koshy on Boo! A Madea Halloween. This film was not at all the success that its producers surely expected. Also, actor Tyler Perry was quite criticized as usual. However, the more than 17 million followers that Liza already has on YouTube were delighted to see her play the role of Aday Walker.

Another stellar appearance of a YouTube creator in a movie was that of the youtuber iJustine, which already has almost 7 million subscribers, in the film The wedding doorbell. It is a comedy published in 2015 in which this creator, mainly technological, accompanied actors such as Kaley Cuoco or Kevin Hart in the cast.

Although still 26 years old, he is super young, in X-Men Origins: Wolverine we could see the youtuber Troye sivan playing Wolverine in his childhood part. Currently, this content creator is very focused on his facet as a musician, a few years ago Troye created videos for his channel of all kinds such as challenges, confessions or vlogs. Currently this young man has reached the figure of 7.4 million followers on YouTube.

The youtuber Flula borg made an appearance as one of the rival dancers in Pitch Perfect 2. Flula was already well known on his channel for his skills as a dancer, so it was quite easy for him to perform his role as one of the leaders of the opposing band in this film. Today this creator already has a total of 817 thousand followers in Youtube.

Rubius, Sony’s new “signing” for the Uncharted movie

The last appearance of a youtuber in the cinema that, at the moment, is on everyone’s lips is that of our beloved Rubius. Although, in case you did not know, it is not the first time that Rubén appears on the big screen.

And it is that this well-known youtuber worldwide already had a small cameo in the last installment of Men in Black IV. When M enters the hall of the headquarters he discovers that many famous people in the world are, in fact, aliens in disguise. Well, one of them was Rubius.

However, the latest appearance of this youtuber on the big screen seems to go much further. And it is that he will have a cameo with Tom Holland himself in the film of Uncharted.

As Rubius himself has already confirmed through his Twitter account, it was signed by Sony Pictures more than a year ago to play a small role in this movie. A real honor for him as he commented in his own tweet.

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