elago has the solution for those who lose the new Siri Remote

The holster for professional item losers

Users who with some frequency tend to lose everyday objects such as the wallet, a small bag and the like, saw it in the open when Apple introduced the AirTags. Although the concept or product was nothing new, the integration with the rest of the ecosystem is what gave it value. In addition to the use of the new chips integrated in the iPhone that allowed a much more precise location.

Well, one of the uses that some saw the fastest was to use these small locators with those things that at home are lost from sight more quickly. One of them, the remote control of the Apple TV. And yes, most of the time it is between the cushions, but when it is not, it is true that you can go crazy looking for them.

For these, there were users who created 3D printed covers that had a hole to place one of the AirTags. Well, that idea is the one that has also taken advantage of the go to provide the new Siri Remote of the most recent Apple TV with something that is still somewhat “mysterious” that Apple did not add as standard: location option as if an internal AirTag were in command.

elago R5 Locator Case

The new cover elago R5 Locator Case for Siri Remote includes a compartment where you can put an AirTag. In this way, once the Apple TV remote is configured, it will no longer be lost for a long time. And it does not matter that most of the time it is between the sofa cushions, you will only have to take out your iPhone and in a matter of seconds you will find it.

Made of silicone, a common material of the brand and of high quality as we have already seen in other covers of the same, it practically covers the entire remote control with the exception of the button panel area. This is interesting because it gives it extra protection, especially against small fortuitous falls that could always leave marks due to its aluminum body.

Of course, due to the thickness of the AirTags, the dimensions of the Siri Remote are altered. Even so, the “belly” generated by the cover is well resolved, it is not a drama and it remains more or less aesthetic. But hey, it is also true that everyone will have to assess whether they prefer utility or design.

Now on sale, this case has a cost of $ 14. It is not as economical as other options or directly does not put anything on it, but it is not an excessive price either. Of course, if you add the cost of an AirTag you will already have to see to what extent it compensates you or not wasting a few minutes looking for it between cushions or blankets.

Likewise, this is not the only elago cover for the Apple TV remote. There are some that are also very striking despite not being designed to include an AirTag. As, for example, those that add two kinds of gray to facilitate the use of the previous control when playing video games, better grip or simply protection. etc.

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