Electric car: the State is considering maintaining the ecological bonus of €6,000

Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise, the extension of the ecological bonus of 6000 euros for the purchase of an electric car should be announced before the end of June 2022. Initially, the amount was to be lowered to 5000 euros from the 1st July 2022. On the other hand, the other planned changes would be maintained, in particular the end of aid for hybrid vehicles.

The Peugeot e-208

To support the car market in great difficulty after the first confinement due to the Covid-19 epidemic, President Emmanuel Macron announced an aid scheme for the purchase of a new vehicle. To remain consistent with European greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, this system only targeted 100% electric vehicles. Plug-in hybrid cars were then included, although the assistance was less attractive.

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Originally, this device was only intended to temporarily support the resumption of purchases of new vehicles. The amount granted by the State is 7000 euros. And, even if its amount has been revised downwards, it will soon be two years since it has been offered to the French, since it has been extended several times, the last time in October 2021. A decree voted in May 2022 provides that the bonus goes from 6000 euros to 5000 euros from July 1, 2022. Or next week.

The ecological bonus could be extended for 100% electric cars

However, during the 2022 presidential campaign, Bruno Lemaire, Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery, confirmed in March 2022 that he was in favor of a further extension of the ecological bonus. According to the website AutoNewsit should confirm maintaining the ecological bonus at 6,000 euros in the next few days. And this applies to vehicles sold below 45,000 euros as well as those sold between 45,000 and 60,000 euros.

On the other hand, this decision would not concern the other planned changes to the aid scheme. Plug-in hybrid vehicles should therefore no longer benefit from the ecological bonus from July 1, 2022. This will obviously have a considerable impact on sales of this type of vehicle, especially at Toyota. The Japanese manufacturer had widely expressed its disappointment when publishing the terms of the initial device: hybrid cars were simply not concerned. Remember that other countries, such as the United Kingdom, have purely and simply abandoned the ecological bonus.

Source : AutoNews

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