Electric cars are much less likely to catch fire than petrol cars

Electric cars have much less tendency to cause fires than their gasoline-powered counterparts. That’s according to a recent study by AutoInsuranceEZ, which compiled data from several government agencies. Out of 100,000 vehicles, 1,530 thermals caught fire, against 25 for the electric. The hybrid is the most dangerous with 3474 fire starts.

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With the growing popularity of electric cars, many debates about their real benefits are popping up everywhere. He is often criticized for not really being more environmentally friendly than its thermal cousin, which several studies regularly deny. Another winning point for the new generation: it is much more profitable over its entire life cycle, regardless of the intensity of its use.

It is also advisable to compare the two models on the subject of security. In theory, a car is a car and the fundamental element of safety remains the driver (who is of course not the alone determining factor in this area). A recurring danger for vehicles is in particular the start of fire. Thermal cars, filled with flammable gasoline, are logically prone to this kind of accident. But because of their batteries, electrics are not left out, as the many videos of Tesla on fire have shown.

Electric cars very rarely catch fire

So who wins the fight? On this ground, it would seem that thermal cars are no match for the weight. Indeed, according to a study by AutoInsuranceEZ, electric cars have very little risk of starting a fire. Thus, out of 100,000 vehicles purchased in the United States, 1530 thermals caught fire in 2020. This figure rises to 3,474 in hybrid vehicles. Electric vehicles, on the other hand, are only 25.

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In total, over the year, they are 52 to have caught fire. By combining the figures for internal combustion and hybrid cars, we reach the 215,000. In other words, the results obtained by the two categories in this area are unanimous. If the car fire scares you, go electric. It should also be noted that in 2020, out of 1.4 million declared fires, 15% were due to a vehicle.

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Credits: AutoInsuranceEZ

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