Electric cars: drivers denounce the lamentable state of charging stations

Electric car owners regularly complain about the deplorable state of public charging infrastructure. The American analysis firm JD Power looked into the question by questioning more than 11,000 drivers of electric vehicles. The conclusion is clear: the experience offered is catastrophic.

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The figures speak for themselves: electric cars represent an ever-increasing share of sales. In June 2022, nearly one million electric vehicles were registered worldwide.

However, the experience isn’t all rosy for electric car owners, many of whom are complaining on social media about thedeplorable state of supply in terms of public chargingbetween broken terminals, defective software and cracked control screens.

Until then, no organization had conducted an official study on the subject. This is why JD Power, an American consumer analysis firm, decided to look into the current state of public EV charging in the United States.

Recurring difficulties with public charging in the USA

To do this, the structure interviewed no less than 11,554 electric car owners and plug-in hybrids from January to June 2022. To quantify the rate of user satisfaction, the research company measured it on a scale of 1000 stitches. However, according to those surveyed, charging from a level 2 public charger is worse than in 2021, with a satisfaction rate going from 643 to 633.

Regarding charging at the fastest direct current terminals, this rate remains stable at around 674 points. “Not only does the availability of public charging remain a barrier, but EV owners continue to struggle with inoperable charging station equipment,” said Brent Gruber, executive director of global automotive at JD Power.

Among the main criticisms reported by the respondents, we note the catastrophic state of public charging stations. According to the survey, one in five users was unable to charge their vehicle at least once due toa malfunction or breakdown of a terminal.

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Respondents swear by Tesla

Unsurprisingly, respondents praise the quality of the experience offered by Tesla wall chargerswhich show a satisfaction score of 680 out of 1000. As for the resorts Superchargerthey occupy the top of the basket for DC fast chargers, with a score of 739. In the United States, however, the situation could improve in the years to come, especially since the announcement by the Biden administration of obtaining an envelope of 5 billion dollars intended for the development of public charging infrastructures.

Source : The Verge

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