Electric cars: Lidl equips its latest charging station with an overpowered terminal

Lidl has just announced the opening of its first electric car charging station near Lyon. Accessible from November 21, 2022, it will house 13 charging stations and will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Importantly, it will be equipped with a charging station providing 360 kW of charging power.

lidl charging station
Credits: Lidl

Faced with the democratization of electric cars on the French market, more and more brands have decided to equip themselves accordingly to allow their customers to recharge their vehicles. This is for example the case of Géant Casino, which signed a contract with Tesla to install Superchargers in the car parks of its stores.

For its part, Carrefour launched in April 2022 Carrefour Energies, an electric charging station service available in all of the group’s hypermarkets. According to the words of the retailer, nearly 5,000 charging points will be set up in France by 2025.

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Lidl is betting on 360 kW in its e-station

However, we have just learned that Lidl is preparing to launch a new kind of charging station. Indeed, the hard-discount reference has announced the opening of a brand new e-station on November 21 2022 to Villefranche-sur-Saonenear Lyons. Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a weekthis station will house 13 terminals, all powered by photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the store.

Users will be able to charge their vehicles at the station’s fast, fast and ultra-fast charging stations. For good reason, the Lidl station will be equipped with a bollard capable of delivering a power of 360 kW, the most powerful model on the French market at the moment. In fact, such a power would make it possible to cover 100 km range in just 3 minutes of charging.

It is one of the most powerful off-highway charging hubs, open to all, in the south-eastern quarter. Recharging for 300 km is done between 10 and 20 minutes“, proudly announces the management of Lidl in the columns of the site News Lyon. As said above, we will therefore find a charging point of 360 kW, followed by 8 terminals of 180 kW. Finally, 4 terminals of 22 kW complete the Lidl offer.

Regarding the prices, here again, Lidl intends to break them to seduce consumers. Here are the rates shared by Actu Lyon:

  • €0.40/kWh on the 360 ​​kW terminal
  • €0.40/kWh on 180 kW terminals
  • €0.25/kWh on 22 kW terminals

Note, however, that Lidl has been offering 120 kW charging stations for several years now. (60 kW per connector) in the car parks of its stores. Nevertheless, with the Lyon station, this is the first time that the brand has offered such a diversified offer in terms of charging power.

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