Electric cars: the Fiat 500 remains the number 1 in sales in France in May 2022

The electric Fiat 500 still remains on the podium of the best sales in France. In May 2022, the small city car is the best-selling electric car in France, for the second month in a row!

Credits: Fiat

At the end of 2020, Fiat launched an electric version of its famous and popular Fiat 500. In just one year, the small city car quickly established itself in the best-selling electric cars in France.

In April 2022, the Fiat 500e was also the most sold model in France. A fine performance, while the automotive industry is in dire straits due to the difficulties linked to the pandemic and the shortage of electronic components. In effect, the overall auto market is down nearly 10%.

The Fiat 500e continues to rule the electric car market

However, the Italian brand has just confirmed on the Stellantis website (its parent company) that the Fiat 500 is again at the top of sales in our country in May 2022. The manufacturer registered 2129 additional registrations over the month (an increase of 152% compared to May 2021), “which allows the Italian city car to confirm its position as leader of the ranking in the category of electric cars”, adds Fiat.

The brand specifies that the “Urban battery” range, which offers a range of 190 km in WLTP, represented 40% of the mix of orders made this month. Clearly, 2022 marks an excellent year for the electric Fiat 500, with sales multiplied by 4 compared to last year.

Fiat dominates the ranking, Peugeot and Renault follow

In May 2022, we find on the second step of the podium the Peugeot e-208, with 1668 copies sold in France. Renault occupies 3rd position with its Twingo EV and its 1,500 units sold, while the Renault ZOE remains in fourth place with 1,448 registrations, despite an increase in the price of all models.

Going back to the electric Fiat 500, during the first five months of 2022, 7079 units have been registered in France. “The small city car is therefore in second place on the podium for sales of 100% electric vehicles in France, ahead of its main competitor by just over 200 units”. specifies the manufacturer.

It should be remembered that in early April 2022, Fiat launched its first non-binding offer for the electric Fiat 500 at €299 per month. This formula obviously contributed to the good figures, since it represents 5% of orders in May 2022.

Source: FIAT

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