Electronic Arts makes some DLC published on Origin free

Ubisoft was embroiled in controversy this week after an alleged misunderstanding in which it allegedly mistakenly announced that it would be removing some of its content from Steam, even for those who purchased it at the time. Taking advantage of the occasion, it seems that Electronic Arts has decided to announce something in the opposite direction, although the movement may not be entirely altruistic.

Electronic Arts (EA) has started sending Origin users an email announcing the end of BioWare Points digital currency system by October 11, 2022. This move will not affect other digital currencies such as Cystals and Platinum, which are used in some titles bearing the BioWare signature.

As a result of this change, most of the DLC that could only be purchased with BioWare Points in Origin have become free. As a consequence, users can already make themselves Free with at least some DLC from the following games: Dragon Age II, Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 (except multiplayer packs).

During the remaining 90 days of BioWare Points digital currency, users can continue to use it to purchase packs for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. After October 11, 2022, such packs can only be purchased using credits that the user has earned. won in the game. And of course, all content paid for with BioWare Points in Origin will continue to be accessible to users as explained by EA.

Electronic Arts has not stood out for its good practices in many stages of its recent history, especially when it comes to taking care of the sagas it gives shelter to. Regarding BioWare Points, many users expressed their frustration at the time because they were only sold in packs of 800often causing points left over after buying some DLC not to be divided evenly into point packs.

Obviously, this move doesn’t make EA a saint, but the fact that it stresses that Origin users will keep DLC paid for with BioWare Points has sounded to some like a roundabout response to what Ubisoft allegedly tried to do.

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