Electronic Arts, Netflix and Snapchat position themselves against Russia

As a result of the current conflict that is taking place in Ukraine, some international companies such as Google or Apple have decided to express their discontent and rejection of Russia’s actions through small gestures with which they hope to pressure the Balkan giant, which they have joined today another more varied assortment such as Electronic Arts, Netflix and Snapchat.

Starting with the game developer, EA is removing the Russian national team and clubs from FIFA 22, FIFA mobile and FIFA Online, following the measure of the official football federation itself with the expulsion of Russia from qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, UEFA’s suspension of club teams from the country’s international competitions.

In addition, it has also confirmed that lRussia and Belarus national and club teams will be removed from their NHL 22 game over the next few weeks, again following the flow of the International Ice Hockey Federation’s decision, which has banned teams from both countries from participating in all of its competitions until further notice.

«EA Sports stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and, like so many voices across the world of football, calls for peace and an end to the invasion of Ukraine«, can be read in the official statement shared on Twitter by the company, who ensures that they are «actively evaluating changes related to other areas of our games«.

Another of the large technology companies that has intervened has been Netflix has paused all future projects it planned to undertake within Russiawith up to four original productions, including even a production that was already filming before this decision was made.

A measure that adds to those already taken by Disneywhich announced the suspension of all its releases in Russia, which included the new Pixar film that was going to be released on March 10; or Warner Bros.who decided to temporarily cancel the arrival of his new movie, ‘The Batman’.

Finally, Snap has issued a statement in which it ensures that its star application Snapchat will no longer show ads in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine to try to avoid propaganda, the financing of the conflict, and to facilitate the flow of information and content. And it is that the social network will continue to offer full access within the three countries, as they still consider it to be an important communication tool. However, the company has assured that «will comply with all sanctions directed at Russian companies and individuals«.

While the conflict between Russia and Ukraine unfortunately does not seem to be coming to an end, the whole world seems to be turning more and more into it, trying to move the war to a less violent environment.

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