Electronic sight glasses, buying guide: what to look for and best models


When you lift a traditional peephole, the person on the other side of the door see clearly your eye. We could say that the optical peephole is a product as old as it is blatant. If you pick it up and see your neighbor, with whom you do not feel like arguing at all, you are practically condemned to open the door. Otherwise, they will know that you were home and that you ignored them.

With the electronic model, this operation becomes somewhat simpler and less clumsy. You will simply have to approach the door with stealth and push the button. The image will be displayed and you will decide whether or not to open the door; the other person will never know if you have looked or not before opening.

Night vision

If there is a knock on your door and the hall light has not been turned on, with a lifelong peephole you will see absolutely nothing. Even though the light is dim, the fisheye optics will not be able to perform miracles. With its modern version, there is no problem in this regard, since many digital peepholes have cameras of infrared light, so you can see the image, even if the subject is dark.

Vision angle

It does not occur on all models, but many electronic sight glasses are capable of offering superior viewing angles to those of the peepholes of all life.

Registration and security

Some models allow record images in the device’s internal memory, which is usually a microSD card. Therefore, they provide us with security.

What should I consider before buying a smart peephole?

If you have already decided to get an electronic peephole, the most important considerations when buying it are the following.

  • Door width: You must measure the width of the door of your house. Depending on the thickness, there are kits that will suit you better than others.
  • Features: These products are sold with screens of different resolutions, more or less advanced cameras, night vision sensorssensors movement, register of photos and video or even the ability to view the camera from another device.
  • Design: Ideally, you should look for a peephole that has a similar design to the one that your door already brings. Most are camouflaged in such a perfect way that no one will suspect that it is an electronic device, since they are traced to the traditional ones. However, there are other models that do not camouflage this at all. They even have built-in speakers. In our case, it seems more sensible to buy a device that goes more unnoticed, but everything will depend on your tastes and needs.
  • Feeding: Lastly, the system needs power to function. It can come from batteries or batteries. If you don’t want to be constantly changing batteries, then you’d better buy a model that works with a rechargeable battery.

The best electronic sight glasses on the market

These are the best models that you have available right now to buy.

AYR 752 – Digital Peephole

ayr 752

Used for doors between 38 and 110 millimeters thick. Its design is traced to that of an analog peephole and it is extremely easy to install, since it does not need any type of tools for assembly. The screen has 3.2 inch and the whole system is fed with a couple of batteries type AAA. Your angle of view is 105 degree. Sold in various color finishes. The AYR 752 is one of the best-selling models, although it is also one of the most basic. It has a perfect balance between quality, functionality and price.

EZVIZ Digital Door Peephole with 4.3 ″ LCD

mirila ezviz

This advanced peephole has a wide angle view of 104 degree, works with a 4,600 mAh battery and is capable of automatically starting a recording when it detects human presence through its motion sensors. Its design makes it clear that it is a camera and has a microphone bidirectional and buzzer. It is a very complete all-in-one product.

Brinno SHC500

brinno peephole

The Brinno system is very compact and great quality. Its screen is somewhat smaller than in other models, as it is 2.7 inches, but the whole looks really interesting. Installation is its strong point and its autonomy is very extensive thanks to the 4 AA batteries that are placed inside.

AYR 760 – Digital Peephole

ayr 760

This AYR model has a HD camera and a 2.8-inch screen. It has sensors to detect movement behind the door. It also has its own doorbell and a lithium battery of 4,300 mAh. It is suitable for doors with a thickness between 32 and 104 mm. It also has a microphone and an app for smartphones. Sold in silver and brass finishes.

JeaTone Digital Peephole

jeatone peephole camera

Camera of 120 degree with resolution 720psensors movement and from night vision, screen of 4.3 inch and an app to broadcast live what is happening behind the door of our home. It is one of the most complete products that you will find. Its price is not cheap, but it is an investment that will last us for many years. Its battery is also a point to take into account, since it has 5,000 mAh that will make the sight glass have an autonomy of up to 30 days on standby. You can also record to a card up to 128GB or even subscribe a cloud service to store the images. On the negative side, it is not a discreet camera, but we consider that it is quite worth it.

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