Elgato hits streamers with new Stream Deck

Elgato has just launched a completely new and exotic version of its Stream Deck: in the form of a pedal.

Everyone knows the StreamDeck, a small device that is the holy grail of anyone who wants to get started on Twitch, or in the world of live streaming. But while this little device requires always having one hand, or at least a few fingers free to change scenes or broadcast sounds, Elgato could have found the solution to ensure that streamers no longer let go of their hands keyboard.

Indeed, like a drummer who works as much with his 10 fingers as with his feet, the firm specializing in the manufacture of Stream Deck has just set up a pedal capable of performing several simple actions such as changing the scene, all with very little foot pressure.

A new form of Stream Deck

Sold at a price of $89.99, this pedal should allow all streamers who own it to control the software, but also the hardware. More complex than a simple pedal, the latter is divided into three very distinct parts, which makes it possible to trigger several actions depending on the pedal that is pressed.

As Elgato explains in the presentation of its product, it is for example possible to change the stream scene, the main use of a Stream Deck, but also to trigger sound or visual effects, or even, for larger streamers, to change cameras to create fairly advanced production effects, all very simply.

Elgato ensures that this pedal could also be used in other worlds such as music. DJs could find it very useful for controlling the flow coming out of the computer if they are far enough away from it. A very practical solution therefore, which could find buyers in many areas.

Discord also arrives on the Stream Deck

In addition to the announcement of the arrival of this pedal, Elgato has decided to take the opportunity to launch a brand new feature, software this time. It will indeed be possible to directly integrate the Discord application into its Stream Deck. Widely used by gamers to communicate with each other, this application is now one of the best-known services in the world of video games and its integration into the Stream Deck should make the user experience even more complete and easier.

Today streamers had to use third-party systems to “force” Discord into a Stream Deck. A manipulation that will therefore no longer be necessary from today. Elgato’s new plug-in will therefore support several basic Discord features such as microphone mute, push-to-talk, and the ability to join voice channels with a single gesture.

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