Elon Musk admits half-heartedly that his future models will not be fully autonomous

Elon Musk has just added a new promise to his collection. During a conference at Morgan Stanley, the billionaire assured that the next generation of Tesla would be “almost autonomous”. We will appreciate the nuance of the subject, rather rare with the boss of Twitter.

tesla autopilot promises musk
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To say that Elon Musk is the king of broken promises is an understatement. In recent years, the billionaire has promised mountains and wonders on several occasions, without ever materializing them.

Examples abound. We remember in particular its commitment to the launch of a fleet of one million robotaxis by the end of 2020. Finally, the entry into production of these vehicles should be launched in 2023, if all goes well.

Among the car tycoon’s other Arles cars, there is obviously the famous Tesla offered at €25,000, better known today as the Tesla Model 2. Announced in 2018 by Elon Musk, it was supposed to land on the markets over the next three years. At the time of writing these lines, we are still waiting for it. (Valium) Nevertheless, she has been talking about her recently.

Elon Musk promises “almost autonomous” driving on the next Tesla

As you will have understood, when Elon Musk promises something, caution is required. And indeed, the CEO of Tesla has just given the cover at a conference organized at Morgan Stanley, the famous American bank.

During a brief appearance, the new boss of Twitter assured that the next generation of Tesla will be able to drive completely autonomously. Well, not quite since the businessman clarified “almost autonomous”. We will appreciate for once the nuance in the words of Elon Musk, something rather rare it must be recognized.

tesla autopilot promises musk
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Anyway, this statement raises many questions, especially when we know in what trouble the brand is entangled with Full Self Driving, its fully autonomous driving technology. While the system is still in beta, its deployment to other US users has just been suspended, particularly following a recall issued by the NHTSA affecting no less than 362,758 vehicles.

Indeed, Tesla recognized that the FSD could cause accidents. Note in passing that this option, yet invoiced at 7500 dollars by the manufacturer, has still not passed Level 2 of autonomous driving according to the nomenclature developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Conversely, Mercedes is the first manufacturer to have received level 3 certification for its autonomous driving technology in the United States.

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