Elon Musk and his Twitter message to Tim Cook for the cleaning cloth

Although it was not announced at the event on the 18th, I think that out of embarrassment, Apple has a cleaning cloth for sale in the Apple Store for its screens. The excuse is that it is excellent for certain screens, but the reality is that it is a lifelong suede but at a price of 25 euros in Spain. I am not saying that it is not efficient, what I am saying is that there are other equal or better options at infinitely lower prices. Even Elon Musk knows it and has wanted to write it down on Twitter.

We all know that Apple products are expensive. The new MacBook Pros attest to this. But it is true that the technology behind them makes the American company set those prices. They are high, of course they are, but this is not new. What is new is that they launch certain products that you can find anywhere and that are equal or better. You may not find a tablet better than the iPad or computers as good as Macs in all its versions. But a cleaning cloth for the screen for 25 euros?

It is something that has astonished many and even Elon Musk has not been able to contain himself and has replied on Twitter to a message sent by Tim Cook about the opening of a new Apple Store in Istanbul. The CEO of Tesla has stated: “Come see the Apple TM cloth”. Very ironic of him, but at least I think the CEO of Apple will see it and may even realize that what they have put up for sale is amazing.

But beware. What if this is in the store is because it has its audience And I will not be the one to come to remove it from the middle.

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