Elon Musk continues to annoy Twitter: now he wants to delay the trial

Elon Musk It has become a source of headaches for Twitter’s management and shareholders. After you withdraw your offer to buy the company, you will need to face a lawsuit filed by Twitter to force you to honor the company purchase agreement as you signed it. But Musk is not going to stop causing problems even now, since wants to delay the trial at least until the first quarter of next yearaccording to Bloomberg.

The legal team that is handling the case on the side of Elon Musk has responded to the lawsuit filed by Twitter, claiming that the company is requesting a speedy trial without reason. In addition, they ask that the case not be seen until next year. But Twitter is pressing for the trial to be held in mid-September, which is justified by the fact that the agreement they signed in principle with Musk has an expiration date set for October 24. Despite this, Musk’s lawyers point out that the trial should be held from February 13, 2023 at the earliest.

For now, Musk will have to face a preliminary hearing of the case this week. It will take place, according to Reuters, this Tuesday, July 19 at 11 in the morning in Wilmington (Delaware). A judge will hear from that moment, for 90 minutes, Twitter’s allegations for the trial to be held this coming September.

So he has decided Kathleen McCormick, Chancellor of the Delaware Court of Chancery, which is not good news for Musk, according to Muycomputer. McCormick has a track record showing a notable penchant for companies honoring buyout deals they back out of before completing them. Therefore, Musk has reason to be concerned about his legal future in the not too long term.

Meanwhile, Musk, who assured that he was going to pay 44,000 million dollars to stay with Twitter to back down just a few weeks later, continues to complain that he had to reject the agreement because the company had not given him the necessary data to «conduct an independent assessment of the prevalence of spam or fake accounts on the Twitter platform“, As his lawyers assured a few days ago.

Bots have also been the reason given by them for withdrawing from the agreement, as contained in the communication sent by Musk to the SEC in this regard. In it you can read that “the main dispute over fake and spam accounts is fundamental to the value of Twitter«. But his allegations, for the moment, have not served to postpone the first hearing. We’ll see what happens with the trial.

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