Elon Musk could leave the direction of Twitter by the end of the year

Could Elon Musk let someone else run Twitter in the coming months? The whimsical CEO brought up the idea during a videoconference. He hopes to leave the reins by the end of the year, when the situation of the network will have stabilized.

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Since the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk last October, the situation of the social network is very unstable. The billionaire, who manages his new business with a risky hand, could finally give way in the coming monthsby his own admission.

It was during a videoconference organized on the occasion of a forum in Dubai that Musk spoke on the subject. He said he wanted to give up his seat when the network situation will be stabilized and that a clear roadmap will be established. This could happen “around the end of 2023”, according to him.

Elon Musk recognizes some unrest on Twitter

At the same conference, Musk acknowledged that Twitter’s last few months have not been easy, reminiscent of a “roller coaster”. A situation he would like to fix before handing over. This is not the first time that Elon Musk has mentioned a departure from his post as CEO. Last December, he conducted a survey on the network, asking Internet users if he should leave or not. Despite a majority of yes, the billionaire had turned a deaf ear, evoking a poll “rigged” by bots.

Twitter’s situation has been worrying since Musk took over. Moderation is more loose, technical concerns accumulate after the departure of many employees and some decisions are curious, such as the choice to award a paid certification. The last eccentricity dates from yesterday, since the billionaire’s tweets found themselves propelled into the news feed of all users. A bug ? No, a whim of the person concerned.

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Anyway, Musk could well leave the head of Twitter in the coming months. Assuming Twitter still exists by then…

Source : Le Figaro

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