Elon Musk creates a company dedicated to Artificial Intelligence: X.AI Corp

Elon Muskwhich just a few days ago called with several hundred experts in technology and AI plus a six-month moratorium on the development of advanced Artificial Intelligence systems, has opened his own AI company on March 9. The company, which according to the Financial Times is called X.AI Corp, is registered in the state of Nevada, and has Musk as its sole director. His secretary is Jared Birchall, a former Morgan Stanley banker who currently manages Musk’s fortune.

Musk is not a complete stranger to the world of AI. Quite the contrary, since he is one of the founders of OpenAI. Almost a decade ago, yes, he left the company: in 2018. But after the meteoric rise in popularity of ChatGPT, he called for regulation of the technology, in addition to signing the aforementioned open letter with experts. Musk thinks that ChatGPT is politically biased, and he wants to create AI models that “seek the truth”, although we will have to wait and see what he means by this.

At present, Musk’s plans for X-AI Corp, and whether developing a rival to ChatGPT is among them, is anyone’s guess. There are not many details about it, although there have been clues and details about what Musk will do in X.AI in the future. Apparently in March he hired two researchers who have worked on DeepMind. One of them is the scientist Igor Babuschkinwhom is designated as the head of the project of Artificial Intelligence in which Elon Musk wants to embark. In addition to Babuschkin, about half a dozen engineers have joined the X.AI staff so far.

In addition, Musk has recently bought no less than 10,000 GPUs for the development of Artificial Intelligence in one of Twitter’s data centers. As for his financing, he is already negotiating with investors from Tesla and SpaceX to invest in his new adventure. For now, yes, it is unknown if he has been successful, and to what extent. However, it has been confirmed that X.AI has authorized the sale of 100 million shares of the company, which will be private.

According to the Financial Times, this new company of Elon Musk is completely independent from his other companies, although could use Twitter content as data for training a language modeland you’ve already examined what computing resources Tesla can pass on to you.

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