Elon Musk, majority shareholder of Twitter, could bring the long-awaited button to edit tweets

Just yesterday it was announced that Elon Musk reached the important figure of 9.2% of the total shares of Twitter, becoming the majority shareholder of the company. And it is that if something has become clear to us in recent years, it is that the eccentric billionaire loves this social network, having been one of his main means of communication both for his personal thoughts, and even for some announcements of his Business.

Thus, although Elon still does not have control of Twitter, he has become quite important in it. So much so that she has decided to make a first move by posting a survey asking users whether or not they want the social network to include an edit button. A message published with the characteristic self-confidence of Musk, with some options in which we can choose between “yse” and “on” that many seemed to take as a joke at first, but that was later retweeted by Parag Agrawal himself, CEO from Twitter, along with the following message: «The consequences of this survey will be important. vote carefully«.

As expected, at the moment the yes seems to be sweeping with force, accumulating more than 70% of the more than 2,150,000 votes. And it is that in fact it is a function that users have been imploring practically since the social network was released.

However, it should be noted that it is a double edged sword. Although on the one hand the function would be intended for users to correct some errors in their current and past publications, it opens the door to the complete alteration of the messages, being able to become a new “fraudulent” tool with which to highlight some messages different from the originals after accumulating a large number of likes or retweets. That said, we hope that Twitter includes some type of limitation to this edition, perhaps establishing a maximum number of characters that can be edited, although only time will tell.

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