Elon Musk reiterates that he is not going to buy Twitter, and he has reasons for it

The legal battle between Elon Musk and Twitter has taken an unexpected turn after the statements of Peiter Zatko, the former head of security for the blue bird’s social network, who openly said that Twitter executives they lie about their security policiesand also about everything related to fake accounts and their control.

Zatko did not stop Twitter well. The former head of security assures that there very important deficiencies in Twitter, since employees have adequate supervision of their tasks, user data is not eliminated in an effective and totally reliable way and the company’s own executives hide vulnerabilities and lie about them to the regulatory bodies. As if this were not enough, Zatko also ensures that the social network cannot control fake accounts, and cannot determine with certainty the total number of fake accounts that exist on your platform.

It goes without saying that these statements have given Elon Musk an important advantage in the trial, since they come from a trusted source who was in charge of Twitter security for a time. Twitter has not known how to react, this is more than clear when we see that the only thing that occurred to him was to say that this ex-employee was acting with a desire for revenge, and that he was fired for not his lack of leadership and the poor performance of the. Also He said that his statements are false, but did not provide any evidence to refute them.

With this scenario, it is not surprising that Elon Musk has decided to send a new letter of termination of the purchase agreement to Twitter, where it affects precisely those new statements to support its claims. As indicated by Reuters, the social network I was aware of all those problems before the offer of 44,000 million dollars from Elon Musk, and hid it so that it would be maintained. With all this on the table, I think that Twitter has a very difficult time winning the trial, and that Elon Musk has achieved a significant blow that, in the end, will allow him to get rid of having to buy Twitter.

In any case, it is clear that Twitter wants to close this purchase operation, and that It is going to rush all the possibilities that it has at a legal level so that it continues. We will see how the situation develops in the coming weeks, but I think the picture is pretty clear right now.

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