Elon Musk reveals plans for bizarre launch tower on Twitter

SpaceX is looking to conquer space, and this launch tower could be an important step in the development of the Starship.

SpaceX already reinvented the world of space a few years ago, being the very first company to successfully recover its boosters during a mission. It was then a Falcon 9 rocket, it was a great world first. But while the Starship is at the heart of all concerns in Boca chica, the firm of Elon Musk intends to succeed in the crazy bet of recovering the boosters of this new rocket.

In addition to the main stage which already did some flight demonstrations at the end of last year, Elon Musk hopes to be able to add boosters to it, a mandatory step if he wishes to go to distant destinations, such as the moon or even Jupiter, which is to be rallied during a mission for NASA in 2024.

A very different system from what we know

So for questions, mainly of profitability, Elon Musk hopes to be able to recover his boosters during a flight of this caliber. To do this, he plans to build a special recovery platform capable of capturing boosters in flight. It is on his favorite social network, Twitter, that the entrepreneur from Pretoria unveiled the first clues and the first plans of this pharaonic project.

Today SpaceX boosters are returning vertically on platforms whether at sea or on land. But there was never any question of capturing them as the entrepreneur seems to want to do with the Starship boosters. If for the moment little information has been given on the procedure for SpaceX boosters, it would not be surprising that in the coming days other tweets from the billionaire will confirm the theories that have already appeared on the cloth.

Mandatory reuse

This booster recovery tower should also serve as the launch tower for the SuperHeavy, the largest rocket ever built by SpaceX. But the latter is still only a project and the company of Elon Musk will first have to succeed in flying his Starship, he who has never left the atmosphere, because of several technical problems and administrative staff, in particular with the FAA, in charge of regulating the skies in the United States.

One thing is certain if Elon Musk wants to be able to fly as many times as he announces his SuperHeavy, reuse is the only solution to maintain such a rate of fire without spending huge sums of money building a non-rocket. reusable. In order to keep his calendar and his accounts, Elon Musk has no other choice, he who announced in an internal communication that SpaceX’s finances were already very fragile.

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