Emmanuel Macron promises €100/month leasing for electric cars

Emmanuel Macron unveiled a strong measure for motorists this Thursday, March 24 during his first campaign speech. The candidate for his re-election wants to set up a leasing for electric cars, with a monthly bill that will not exceed 100 €.

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Many governments around the world are encouraging consumers to go electric. However, these vehicles are still far from being within the reach of all households, and the war in Ukraine will only make things worse and increase the bill. For good reason, Russia and Ukraine export very large quantities of materials and components essential to the manufacture of electric cars… And obviously, these exchanges have clearly decreased since the start of the conflict.

Never mind, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron intends to give the French people the opportunity to go electric if he is re-elected as head of state. During his first major campaign speech given this Thursday, March 24, 2022 in Seine-Saint-Denis, the president-candidate unveiled a new strong measure: the implementation of a leasing for electric cars at a reduced price.

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Emmanuel Macron promises a leasing at 100 € / month

According to the tenant of the Élysée, this device would therefore be added to those already existing to facilitate the purchase or rental of electric vehicles such as the conversion bonus and the ecological bonus. Simply put, the state would pay part of the leasing rent, so that the consumer does not pay more than a hundred euros per month. It will be up to the customer to choose the model of his choice in concessions or via his bank.

According to the words of the President of the Republic, this aid will be reserved for young people, socio-medical professions and French people with low incomes. “This is the flagship measure proposed for motorists. We want to target a wide audience, especially priority people who use their car a lot, such as medical-social workers and young people looking for a job.” adds the outgoing president’s campaign team.

Of course, the details still remain to be known, such as the eligible models or the need to pay a contribution. However, the candidate’s team specifies that no age criteria have been defined. If Emmanuel Macron is re-elected, this system will be renewed each year and will concern 100,000 electric cars, for an estimated cost for the State of 50 million euros (for the 1st year in any case). For rappe, in 2021, 6.5 million electric cars have found takers in the world, an absolute record.

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