Emulators will now be able to run mythical CD-ROM-based games

CD-ROM games can be emulated more easily

When it comes to picking up old relics based on CD-ROM format and Macromedia Director, the necessary software required certain licenses that were only available on Windows (such as QuickTime), so bringing games to other platforms with emulation was impossible.

But now, thanks to the new update of ScummVM, we can take the emulation suite to any compatible platform and run from there those games that already allow emulation. For now, the development team has managed to make Director 2 and Director 3 games work as Spaceship Warlock or L-ZONE. The list of games based on Director is gigantic, so from ScummVM they invite users to make tests and comment on the results trying to emulate the games they have at home.

Endless development

The work to bring the compatibility from Direct to ScummVM has required 5 long years of work in a team of several people who have been dividing the work little by little. The result is tremendously useful for those who lovingly keep their old games on CD-ROM and who are left unable to run them on Windows 10, Windows 11, Mac and any other platform that ScummVM runs on, such as a Raspberry Pi.

Unforgettable games and apps

One of the applications that might work again would be the Mac version of the Encarta 95, the famous interactive encyclopedia that arrived in Macromedia Director 3 format in the specific version of Mac, so it could technically work with the new version of ScummVM, although it would be necessary to try it before to be sure.

To get the new version, all you have to do is visit the ScummVM website to get the latest version of the program and start enjoying the new options included. If you have a game on CD-DOM that is part of the list of games developed under the Macromedia platform, feel free to try it as soon as possible to inform the platform about its compatibility.

Because right now?

You may find it strange to see this type of updates for games that disappeared decades ago, but with the resurgence of retro, many games have begun to be sold again through platforms such as Steam, always including libraries such as ScummV that allows emulation in the background the required platform. With this new addition, all these games that were left without support will be able to have a second life again, so we will probably see small releases in the form of remembers that more than one will not want to miss under any circumstances.

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