End clap for Stadia, Windows 11 is the victim of blue screens of death, this is the recap

Stadia goes out of business, Windows 11 update 22H2 causes a blue screen of death, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is already taking advantage of the October 2022 security update, this is the recap.

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This is probably the most striking news this weekend: Stadia will soon stop. If Google has decided to end its streaming video game service, the Mountain View company does not forget those who have opted for a yearly subscription or who have purchased a compatible controller. They will be refunded. For its part, Microsoft has a few minor issues to resolve with the latest Windows 11 update, while Samsung has already released the Android security update for the Galaxy S22. Come on, let’s go for a summary of the news of the day before.

Stadia will close in January 2023

Thunderbolt for players: Stadia, Google’s streaming game platform, will stop. Launched 3 years ago, Stadia is already bowing out. Users have until January 18, 2023 to complete their current games. Don’t panic, however, if you are a subscriber and/or if you have purchased a compatible controller. Google promises to refund all players.

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Galaxy S22 already gets Android’s October update

Like every month, Google releases a security update for Android smartphones and tablets. But it’s not a Pixel that will benefit from it first in October: Samsung is already starting to deploy the Android security update on its Galaxy S22.

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A bug in Windows 11 causes a blue screen of death

Deployed a little over a week ago, the 22H2 update for Windows 11 suffered from a few bugs. Among the problems encountered, there is one that concerns configurations based on the Intel Rocket Lake processor (11th generation). The bug causes a blue screen of death, the famous BSOD that Windows users have always known, or almost. Fortunately, there is a little trick that we reveal in our article linked below.

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