End of the outdoor mask and curfew: all the surprise announcements from Jean Castex

The Prime Minister announced the lifting of the curfew in France and the end of the compulsory wearing of masks in public spaces.

The curfew, introduced in France since October, will be lifted on June 20. The obligation to wear a mask outdoors will be lifted from Thursday, June 17. Jean Castex announced, by surprise, the news during a press conference given, as soon as he left his period of isolation, on June 16, 2021.

At the end of the Council of Ministers, where the measures and their suspensions were discussed, the Prime Minister and Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health, gave a press conference. They announced the lifting of the curfew 10 days in advance, and especially the end of wearing the mask outdoors tomorrow, Thursday, June 17, 2021.

The summary of the main announcements

  • End of the obligation to wear a mask outdoors, from Thursday June 17;
  • Lifting of the curfew in France from Sunday 20 June
Jean Castex’s conference on June 16, 2020 // Source: YouTube

Lifting of the curfew and end of wearing the compulsory mask


The French have been waiting for it for months, and it is now done: the curfew will be lifted. From Sunday June 20, 2021, bars, restaurants and beginners will no longer have to close at 11 p.m., and French people will no longer be prohibited from being outdoors. It is 10 days before the date that was originally planned.

Wearing a mask outdoors

The obligation to wear a mask in outdoor spaces has also been lifted from Thursday, June 17. They will still be necessary indoors. ” We will lift the general obligation to wear a mask outdoorsr ”, announced Jean Castex.

However, there are exceptions to this waiver of the obligation to wear a mask:

  • During regroupings,
  • In a crowded place like a market or the stands of a match

What about the other rules?

For the rest, ” all the gauge rules that apply until June 30 for bars, restaurants and cultural facilities have not been changed. “

Decisions will be made later for July. Restrictive measures could be put in place again if the delta variant (from India) causes a wave in France, as is starting to be the case in the UK “, However warned the Prime Minister.

The health situation

The Prime Minister began with an observation: the health situation in France has improved.

Indeed, and for the first time since October 2020, the number of patients hospitalized in an intensive care unit has fallen below the 2,000 mark. The number of new daily cases is also falling. With an average of 3,200 new positive cases in recent days, viral circulation is at its lowest since last August.

He nevertheless encouraged young people and the rest of the French population to be vaccinated. 30 million people received a first dose of vaccine before June 15.

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