Endesa rubs its hands: the RTX 40 will need a 1200 W source

With the price of the electricity bill increasing throughout Europe and the ecological awareness of citizens, it is now difficult not to think about the energy consumption of a PC. Where before we could leave weeks or months on without turning off, this is no longer so common and it seems that with the next RTX 4090 and RTX 4090 Ti things are going to get complicated, unless you own an electric one. This will be the consumption of the high-end RTX 40.

We have talked a lot about this and in the future we will continue to do so, it is still the sauce of hardware, especially if the information has a basis and comes from leakers of technological information that in the past have been -on several occasions- reliable sources of information.

The NVIDIA RTX 40 are expected with a TDP of 600 W

To no one’s surprise and although since the NVIDIA GTX 700 series the TDP consumption of graphics cards has been tangibly decreasing and the TDP very correctly. The increase generation after generation of performance of these and the rest of the hardware makes us assume, without much margin of error, that the next generations will have consumption that is not restrained at all.

According to information obtained through a conversation between two information leakers on Twitter, it can be understood that the next series of graphics cards by the Californian NVIDIA will RTX 40 series -Lovelace- will have a TGP greater than 600 W.

If this is correct, as noted in the exchange itself, we can expect that for systems with a Intel i9-13900K next to one of these graphs RTX 4090Ti we should have at least one power supply unit (PSU) of more than 1000W, surely 1200W to achieve maximum efficiency. This information is what points out that for the use of 18.432 CUDA a lot of power is required, which is calculated in a TGP for graphics of at least 600 W as we mentioned.

More power, more consumption

If all this is true – things from the rumor mill – both assemblers and users should start looking at sources of at least 1200 W, a source that normally does not currently fill the shelves of shops and although they may seem very alarming details, they do not So many years ago these PSUs were mounted on comparatively much less powerful equipment and we are not talking about mining rigs, but about normal and current gaming equipment.

The passage to Ada Lovelace with her “performance double” promises a lot of power. Some of us still remember the words of AMD at the time when they quoted that if we wanted power, we had to have consumption. Well, NVIDIA with this new family, although the 600 W of TDP may really seem crazy compared to Ampere in performance and consumption, it implies that if it is what is expected, the RTX 40 will not have an energy efficiency as exorbitant as we can come to think .

We still have many details to know about this new series of RTX 40 and we still have room until its departure, they are expected 66.4 TFLOPS in Fp32 at 1.8GHz, which would be that “double power” compared to an RTX 3090. In any case, the electric ones are rubbing their hands, NVIDIA is already savoring the dollars that it is going to enter and users are trembling before this uncontrolled advance, since the vast majority would have to go through the box to acquire a new invoice PSU.

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