Energy self-consumption: what is it and what does it mean in the bill?

More and more Spaniards are installing solar panels in their homes to be self-sufficient with energy from the sun. The rise in electricity prices and the growing environmental concern make the installation of solar panels grow in Spain up to 310%, compared to 2019.

With the recent start of the summer season, obtaining solar energy it is much more effective. For this reason, Gana Energía gives all the keys to self-consumption of energy and how to benefit financiallyboth with savings on the bill and with the sale of surpluses.

A priori, the installation of solar panels for domestic use represents a significant initial investment, but to what extent is it profitable? The price of a photovoltaic system varies from 4,000 to 15,000 euros depending on the size and efficiency of the installation.

Benefits of installing solar panels

According to calculations by the Valencian energy marketer, this initial investment can be recovered in a medium term, between 5 and 8 years. You should know about the electricity market – under Warning, scroll to continue reading.

Some benefits of installing solar panels can be:

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  • You can save more than 50% on your energy bill.
  • Clean and free energy is generated.
  • Greater independence from the electricity market is achieved by self-generating the energy consumed by the property and reducing the need to buy it from the network.
  • They are systems that work correctly for a long time, more than 25 years.
  • Revalues ​​the property in case of sale.
  • You can get a discount of 50% in IBI and 95% in ICIO. In addition, the installation of solar panels is subsidized in several autonomous communities.

What happens if not all the energy produced is consumed?

Another factor from which users of solar panels for self-consumption can benefit is the sale of surpluses, that is, a compensation for the energy produced and not consumed, offered by electricity marketers such as Gana Energía.

Through this mechanism, the user receives an economic compensation by the energy generated by its plates that it does not consume. In this way, you manage to reduce your energy bill even more. In addition, this energy poured into the system is used by other users.

In order to carry out the sale, you must inform the Ministry of Industry of the autonomous community of residence. Once the request is approved, the ministry sends the necessary documentation to the energy distributor and the latter gives notice to the marketer, who prepares the surplus purchase-sale contract at the price stipulated in their rates.

The verification of the surplus is carried out by means of a meter reading of the distributor which, after this step, informs the marketer of the amount of electricity produced without consuming so that it can make the payment corresponding to the sale.

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