EnGenius ECW336, new access point with Wi-Fi 6E

The EnGenius ECW336 is the first access point with Wi-Fi 6E technology EnGenius Technologies Inc., a company engaged in the manufacture and marketing of professional networking solutions. This new device has a simple and discreet design, where the multifunction LED indicator and its rounded details stand out.

This model is aimed at professionals and SMEs, and offers all the technical features that we could expect from a state-of-the-art access point. These are the keys of the EnGenius ECW336:

  • Compatible with the 6 GHz network, which allows a cleaner signal and minimizes interference, also facilitating the creation of multi-device environments with a high level of performance.
  • It allows us to access 14 extra channels with a width of 80 MHz or 7 channels with a width of 160 MHz, which will allow us to go further and eliminate any bottleneck due to the saturation of traditional channels.
  • It mounts a quad-core CPU that allows efficient management of all workloads, avoiding performance losses due to saturation or lack of power.
  • It mounts a three-radio system that allows it to work in the 2.4 GHz band, in the 5 GHz band and in the 6 GHz band, which translates into full compatibility with different devices.
  • It comes with an Ethernet port capable of working at 5 Gbps, and has new diagnostic tools, spectrum analysis and real-time channel utilization to improve and optimize Wi-Fi.

The new EnGenius ECW336 access point is now available in the Spanish market with a price of 585 euros without VATwhen applying 21% VAT, its price would be €707.85.

Jesús Yanes, Director of Business Development at EnGenius in Spain, commented on this launch:

«We were looking forward to announcing the availability in Spain of the ECW336 model, since it comes to solve the connectivity problem in a highly efficient way in environments saturated with Wi-Fi networks thanks to its new 6GHz band, also offering some features of up to 8,400 Mbps with its three bands working together. At last, it will be possible to enjoy connections without delay or buffering, something that will make us forget about the endless delays when downloading content.

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