EnGenius launches its first Security Gateway

The firm EnGenius has expanded its catalog with the series ESG500 Security Gateways, a generation that is made up of three different models. The first to debut will be the ESG510, and it will seamlessly integrate with other vendors’ devices and network solutions without complicated installation and configuration.

This new generation of EnGenius Gateways offers differentiated value thanks to an advanced feature set, simple and efficient management, and an affordable cloud-based user interface that is supported by the Cloud-To-Go mobile application, which which enables centralized management from anywhere with the EnGenius Cloud UI as well as the EnGenius mobile app.

Without further ado, let’s review the key features of this new EnGenius family:

  • Simple and unified Cloud management for companies of any size.
  • Intuitive and centralized visibility of the device from anywhere.
  • Dual 2.5GbE WAN and dual 2.5GbE LAN for maximum performance.
  • 1.6 GHz quad-core processor for increased speed and power.
  • Integrated load balancing and protections with cellular failover (3G/4G/5G) and dual WAN.
  • 2.5GbE PoE+ to power a Wi-Fi 6 access point, IP camera or IP phone.
  • High-efficiency stateful, filtering, and inspection firewall for enhanced security.
  • High-speed and secure site-to-site VPN and client VPN.
  • Fast self-healing AUTO VPN for easier deployments.
  • Contactless system maintenance and automatic updates.
  • Routing options and pass through multiple modes.
  • Captive portal with external radius capabilities.
  • TPM chipset to enhance the security level of the gateway.

We don’t have details yet about the price of these new devicesnor about the launch date of the other two models.

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