Enhance your presentations on Mac with these wireless controllers

This OurLeeme brand wireless controller gives you practically everything you need at a very low price. Its design is very original, with the most common buttons in this type of device, so in terms of functions, you will have the main ones at your fingertips and that you will always need to carry out a good presentation and have control over it in every moment.

It has a USB receiver, so you will have to take into account that you have to have a port of this type to be able to use this remote control. The maximum distance supported is 10 meters, ideal for making presentations. In addition, it has a laser pointer that will come in handy on many occasions.

Wireless USB Presenter

With a design really similar to the previous option, now comes the KKMOL brand presentation remote. In this case it has a complete aesthetics in black, which makes it very sober and elegant. It works through a USB receiver, so, we repeat, you have to have availability of this type of ports to be able to use this remote for presentations.

In terms of design, it is very ergonomic and has the essential buttons to comfortably control your presentation. It has a frequency of 2.4 GHz and it does not need any installation to use, so all you have to do is connect the USB receiver to your Mac and start presenting using this fantastic wireless controller.

KKMOL USB wireless


We are going with another alternative that the company KKMOL offers to all users. In this case, the design changes completely, adopting a very common form in this type of device, as you can see throughout this post. It has a frequency of 2.4 GHz and its shape makes it really comfortable to use in any situation.

The black design makes it very elegant to carry out any presentation, as well as having the essential functions that will allow you to have control at all times and be able to use it comfortably without any problem. It has the possibility of moving away up to 15 meters of the USB receiver that you have to connect to your computer.

Powcan Pointer Presentations

Powcan Pointer

As we have mentioned, the design of this option from the Powcan brand is very similar to the alternative we have just told you about, and it really will not be the last in this compilation that has this characteristic shape. This wireless presentation controller gives you a very sober design, ideal so that it can go unnoticed and thus the public does not have any distraction.

It has all the necessary buttons to be able to handle the presentation at your whim, being in control at all times. In addition, it also gives you the possibility of using the laser pointer, which comes in handy on certain occasions to highlight points in the presentation. It works through a USB receiver, from which you can move away a maximum distance of 15 meters.

NORWII N27 Laser Pointer Presentations


We completely changed the design of the controller thanks to this fantastic option provided by the Norwii company. If this alternative is striking for something, it is because of how thin it is, in addition to the fact that the usual color of this type of products changes completely, opting for a body in White color and the different buttons in black.

This remote is fully compatible with all presentation programs like Power Point, Keynote or Prezi. It has the great advantage that you can customize the buttons so that they carry out the functions you deem appropriate. To be able to connect it, you only have to make use of the USB receiver that it has, without installing anything, just connect it to and enjoy it.

The most expensive, although with better features

In the same way that many users do not need to invest a lot of money in a remote control for presentations, others do, since they need to have a quality device and guarantees to carry out their work. For this reason, below we leave you different options that you have to take into account if you want to have a practically professional presentation control.



One of the options that have a smaller size is without any doubt this KNORVAY presentation remote. In addition, its completely black design makes it really elegant. One of the differential points offered by this device is that charges via USB port, in the same way that to connect it to your computer you will have to use the receiver that it incorporates.

It has the possibility of customizing the actions carried out by the buttons that you have at your fingertips, to have total control not only of the presentation that you are going to make, but also of the command itself and you can fully adapt it to your way of operating. present. Evidently it is fully compatible with all presentation programs like Power Point, Keynote or Prezi.

Logitech R400

Logitech R400

This wireless presentation controller from Logitech is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and used by all users who want to have a quality tool that gives them the possibility of having control at all times of the presentation they are carrying out or want to carry out.

Count with one range of up to 15 meters, which will allow you to move around the room in which you are with total freedom. The way to connect with your computer is through a usb receiver, so you have to take into account the availability of ports on your Mac to be able to use this device. The controls it has are really intuitive and it stands out, above all, for how easy and comfortable it is to use this remote for presentations.

Satechi Wireless Pointer

Satechi Wireless Pointer

Surely many users know the Satechi brand for the amount of accessories it manufactures for both the iPad and the Mac, and one of them is this pointer to control all your presentations in a comfortable and simple way. Ergonomically fits perfectly in the hand, making the user experience very comfortable.

One of the advantages it presents is that it does not connect through a USB receiver, but rather via bluetoothTherefore, in addition to being able to use it with your Mac, it is also fully compatible with devices such as the iPad or iPhone. Without a doubt it is one of the best options you can find.

Satechi command for presentations

Satechi Mando for presentations

We continue with wireless controls for presentations of the Satechi brand. In this case the design changes completely, closely resembling the aesthetics offered by the Apple TV remote. In the same way that it happened with the previous option, This remote also has a Bluetooth connection, doing it compatible with the Mac, but also with the iPad or even the iPhone.

And speaking of compatibility, it is fully functional to use with any presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keynote. It has different keys that will allow you to have full control of the presentation, as well as a range up to 10 meters, which is ideal to be able to move freely throughout the room in which you are.

Kensington K72425EU

Kensington K72425EU

We finish this compilation of controls for presentations with the alternative that Kensington puts on the table, a brand that has a great reputation in the world of computers. In this case we return to usb receiver to connect it to your Mac, but with the advantage that it offers a range of up to 45 meters.

It also has a red laser pointer and a cursor control joystick, something that will be really good for you and that is very useful at certain times to be able to go one step further in the presentations. It is fully compatible with both the different operating systems and the different presentation software that exist on the market.

Choosing The Bitten Apple

As is usual in this type of post, from the writing team of La Manzana Mordida we want to tell you what our personal preferences are, but always making it clear that this is a personal opinion that may or may not be in line with yours. For this reason, we encourage you to be yourself or yourself who, depending on your needs, choose one option or another.

If we focus on inexpensive wireless controllers, the one we liked the most was the one offered by the Norwii brand, both for the minimalist design and for the features it has. On the other hand, raising the budget a bit, our favorite is the Satechi With a design similar to that of the Apple TV remote, both in the way it has and the fact that the connection is carried out via Bluetooth.

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