Enjoy for free the amazing art book of Luca (Pixar)

You liked the movie Luca from Pixar? Well, you know that now you can remember it in all its splendor by accessing its art book completely free of charge. Disney has just made this copy available to all those interested in digital format so that you only have to click with the mouse and have a good time browsing the pages of this nice story on the Italian coast. Be careful because, yes, time is limited so don’t fall asleep and take a look now.

The magic of Pixar and the Italian Riviera

Pixar movies never fail. Whatever the subject, the studio’s titles always please and entertain both adults and children alike. Luke is no exception. This beautiful story takes place in a small coastal town on the Italian Riviera during the always magical period of summer. There Luca, a sea creature, lives with his friend his first great adventure out of the water, trying ice cream, pasta or riding an idyllic scooter. All this while hiding from the rest of the world what its true origin is.

The film, which has a good number of nominations for film awards on its record, was scheduled to be released in theaters last year (at the beginning of the summer, precisely), but the evolution of the pandemic caused Disney will make the decision to release it directly on its content platform, without going through the big screen. It is directed by Enrico Casarosa (who is also responsible for creating the story, along with Jesse Andres) and Dan Romer is responsible for its soundtrack.

As for his illustrations, he enjoys that characteristic Pixar touch, where landscapes and color are also great protagonists of the story. And just that is what you can enjoy in your art book, a beautiful piece for lovers of animation that is sold in stores like Amazon in physical format -we leave you the link below although at the time of writing these lines it is not available- and that you can now also enjoy from the screen of your tablet, smartphone or PC.

The Art of Luca

As we have already told you on several occasions, certain films usually have art books, especially within the world of animation. These are volumes that collect the creative process of a tape, its history, how the scenes were planned, sketches and many photos of the recording process. For fans, they are usually little gems with which they have access to behind the scenes, with very well-kept documentation that allows them to learn much more about their favorite titles.

Pixar usually releases art books for many of its films and Luca was not going to be left behind. The Art of Luca collects precisely conceptual images, sketches of the characters and numerous storyboards that delight both fans of the film and those interested in the world of illustration.

Luca Drawings

Now you have the opportunity to see it and enjoy it for free thanks to Disney, who has enabled full access to the book digitally for a limited time. You just have to enter the following link and get ready to dive for their 180 pages to know much better how Luca was created.

The book will be open to the public digitally for a limited time although they have not indicated what deadline we have. So now you know, if you’re interested, don’t fall asleep and take a look at it soon.

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