Enjoy much more of your streaming series and movies with this VPN, now on sale!

We often talk about VPNs as an alternative to surf the Internet safely, in addition to being able to hide our identity and our location to preserve our privacy. However, used intelligently, VPNs can be much more useful to us, and even help us improve our streaming experience, save money, and even watch series and movies that, for various reasons, are not available in our country.

It is very important, when choosing a VPN, to make sure that we are choosing a quality, fast and reliable one. Otherwise, we will get the opposite of what we are looking for, such as data leaks and extremely slow browsing speeds. One of the best VPNs that we can contract today is NordVPN, a reliable, fast and secure service that, taking advantage of Black Friday, we will be able to obtain with significant savings.

How NordVPN helps us enjoy series and movies more

When we enter a streaming video playback platform, such as YouTube, HBO, Spotify, or Crunchyroll, for example, what appears to us are the catalogs of series and movies that are available in our country. However, this is far from all the content that the platform offers. For example, Crunchyroll, the largest anime streaming platform, shows us in Spain a relatively small catalog of all the content that we can see. Even some of the most relevant anime may not have all the seasons available.

My Hero Academia from Spain

But, if we “fool” the system, and make it think that we entered from China, Japan, or the United States, the available catalog is multiplied by up to 10. And, in addition to seeing many more series, we will be able to see seasons that, for some reason (probably from rights or assignments) are not in Spain.

My Hero Academia from USA

In order to do this, it is necessary to trick the system into thinking that we are really logging in from another country that is not ours. In these examples, from Turkey. And this is where NordVPN comes into play. From the program we can choose the country through which we want to leave so that, once the connection is established, the servers think that we are really connecting through said country.

nordvpn interface

By doing so, as long as our traffic is forwarded through this network, we will be able to access all the content without problems. In addition, NordVPN guarantees us end-to-end encryption, totally reliable, to be able to carry out all these procedures without worries.

The best VPN at the best price: bet on NordVPN

NordVPN is a paid subscription service. Thanks to this, the company can provide the best service without having to resort to injecting advertising into users’ browsing, selling their traffic or selling customer information to third parties as other free VPNs do.

Taking advantage of the fact that Black Friday is just around the corner, NordVPN has thrown the house out the window with a discount of 68%in addition to giving us 3 months free.

NordVPN Offer 68% discount

In other words, the best option is found in the two-year service plan. We can choose this modality, through a single payment, paying only 5.29 euros per month. In total, 142.83 euros for 24 months of unlimited use of the VPN, in addition to getting 3 months free. This modality includes, in addition to unlimited traffic, a password manager, data breach scanner and 1 TB of encrypted and secure cloud storage.

We also have the Plus and Standard modalities, for 3.99 and 2.99 euros per month respectively, which also have 3 months free if we choose to contract the two-year modality directly.

NordVPN discount Black Friday 2022 2 years

If we don’t want to pay two years, and it’s worth only 1 year of VPN, we can also use the annual plan, which has a discount less (59%) and also gives us 3 months of free service when making the payment of the full year. The prices, per month, of the annual plan are 6.79 euros for the full plan, 5.49 euros for the plus plan, and 4.49 euros for the standard plan.

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