Enjoy subtitles in your movies with these settings in MPC-HC

If we have an old computer that requires programs that use few resources, or simply miss it, MPCH-HC can continue to use it without problems. One of its possibilities is to download and customize the subtitles of movies and series, as we will see below, to enjoy them in our player.

Download subtitles with MPC-HC

Among the features of MPC-HC we find the possibility of configuring them to search and download subtitles before we start to watch a video. This is something that we can do by manual search or by performing an automatic search.

Manual subtitle search

If we wish, we can perform manual subtitle searches with our MPC-HC player, following a few simple steps. Once we have executed it, we must open the video that we are going to play. To do this we drag it directly to its interface or locate it directly from the “File” tab, which we find in the upper left part of its toolbar. Later we click on «Open file».

Once the video is open, we click on the File tab again, click on the Subtitles section and finally select “Download subtitles”. This will open a new window where it will show us the results that have been found for that video. Here we must pay attention to the «Language» column, as we will be able to see the different languages ​​in which it is available. Once the desired subtitles are located, we mark their corresponding box on the left. Once this is done, we only have to click on «Download» so that it is downloaded quickly and the video playback is added.

Configure automatic search

In the event that we do not want to perform manual searches, this player has the possibility of being configured so that it is able to locate and download the subtitles each time we open a new video. To do this, from its interface, click on the “View” tab at the top and then click on its “Options” section.

MPC-HC options

Once the Options window opens, we go to the “Subtitles” section, within the branches of the left column. There we click on the “Various” section. Here we find several options related to subtitles. So, the first thing we are going to do is check the box of “Search and download subtitles automatically if not found locally”. Thanks to enabling this option, every time we play a new video that does not contain subtitles, the search and download window will open automatically. When finished, we just have to click on “Accept” so that the changes are saved.

MPC-HC search and download subtitles

Customize them in different ways

In addition to being able to download subtitles with MPC-HC, we can also make various customization settings on them. For this we must access its Options section. From the main menu, click on «View» and on the drop-down menu on «Options». In the new window we go to the section of “Subtitle” and we click. On the right screen we will have several options such as checking the “Manual positioning” box. With this we will be able to establish the positioning of the subtitle on the screen, establishing the percentage in both «Horizontal» and «Vertical».

MPC-HC subtitle options

We also find the “Texture Options”, where we can include the pre-rendered subtitles in queue and set a maximum resolution of the texture to adapt it to both the resolution of the monitor and the video. We can also mark the option of “Never animate the subtitles” or only animate them at a percentage of the frame rate of the video.

Finally, we find the “Render layout” section, where we can check the box “Apply aspect ratio compensation to anamorphic videos”, which allows us to see the subtitles better when the video does not have a ratio. correct-looking.

Default style

If we click on the Default Style section, we will see on the right side various options for change the style of subtitles. For example, in the “Font” section where we can select the “Font”, the “Font Style” and the size. Below we can configure both the spacing, the angle and the scale.

MPC-HC Default Style

Later we find the Border Style, where we can indicate if we prefer a “Contour” or an “Opaque Box”, as well as establish the appropriate numbering for the border and the shadow. Thus, we can adjust if we want the letter with more or less border and shadows.

Another option to take into account is the “Screen alignment and margins” section. This will help us to align to our liking where we want the subtitles to be displayed, either in a centered way or more to the left or right. Finally, we find the “Colors and transparency” section, where we can configure the primary and secondary colors, as well as the highlighting and the shadow to adapt them to our tastes.

Various Section

Within the “Various” section we also have different customization options. At the top we can check or uncheck the boxes for “Prefer forced / default subtitles tracks”, “Prefer external subtitles to integrated ones” or “Ignore integrated subtitles”.

If we have marked the option “Search and download subtitles automatically” different settings will appear that we can configure. Just below we find the box “Prefer subtitles for the deaf”, which we can mark so that they include descriptions of both sounds and dialogue during playback, so it may be useful for the hearing impaired.

MPC-HC various subtitle options

We also find the section “Ignore files that contain any of these words.” Here we can add names that we want Windows Media Player not to offer us the ability to download subtitles, such as when we play home videos.

At the bottom we find the “Languages ​​in order of preference” section. From there, we can configure the player so that it only shows us the subtitles in the languages ​​that interest us. For Spanish it would be «es», for English it would be «en», German «de», French, «fr», etc. Finally, we find the Languages ​​section in order of preference where we can customize the subtitles provider and the languages ​​with which they are compatible.

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