Enjoy the bridge with offers and discounts on CORSAIR peripherals

As expected, the smartest are going to take the cake because on the eve of the bridge you always want to play to a greater or lesser extent. If you have to change a peripheral or are simply going to take “the block” and indulge yourself, these peripherals are undoubtedly for you.


It is an entry-level mouse for gamers, but it is not lacking in features, but rather the opposite. We are talking about a peripheral with all the laws of the law that could well pass through the mid-high range without too many problems, since to begin with it has an ambidextrous design, which is always a plus since our hand adapts to the mouse as it is symmetrical and not have a forced posture that you may not like as it happens in other models.

We continue with an optical sensor with 12400 DPI It has a 1: 1 tracking, which together with its 86 grams allows us to move quickly and precisely on the mat. As if that were not enough, its switches are OMRON with 50 million clicks and it integrates 8 buttons fully programmable by its iCUE software, in addition to RGB lighting.

Its price was set at 39.99 euros, but now it falls to 24.99 euros, a discount of 38%!


A mat that dazzles for its simplicity, its symmetry and its quality. Contrary to what we might think, it is quite thin, which helps to not clash on the desk due to the total height (5 mm), where in addition its 15 configurable zones in PWM lighting they make it look finer if possible.

It is a high-performance mat with a surface of 350 x 260 mm where every last millimeter is harnessed to obtain a greater amount of low-friction microtexture, so that we never run out of mat. This is calibrated for optical mice, but it also performs very well on lasers due to its good material. To finish, you get a USB port to connect any device.

As a good premium mat, it cost quite a lot: 69.99 euros, but after Amazon’s offer it has dropped to 39.99 euros, a 43% drop in its price.


It is an ambient lighting kit of the brand, very well achieved and always synchronized with iCUE. This kit consists of 4 RGB LED strips, two of 27 LEDs and two of 15 LEDs They can be placed on a table or behind the monitor, even inside the PC.

If we have a game compatible with iCUE, these strips will show a faithful reflection of lighting and colors of what we see on the screen, so the effect is very interesting. Yesterday they cost 89.99 euros, today they have gone down to 59.99 euros which represents a drop of 33%.

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