Enjoy this scene from Venom: There Will Be Carnage before its premiere

Venom 2, the return of the antihero

A good box office collection was key for Sony Pictures to decide to continue Venom. The first part of this saga introduced us in this way to the famous Marvel Comics character, although in a different way. And it is that far from the image of a villain and great enemy of Spider-Man that we have always seen, the film showed us a kind of antihero that you ended up liking you and that you managed to stay on the side of the good guys.

In addition to this turn that fit so well with the public, we had an entertaining film and a protagonist, Tom hardy, to which the role of Eddie Brock suits him like a glove.

As we pointed out, the sale of tickets for this first part motivated Sony to launch a second, a continuation that we should have seen last year but that the pandemic has pushed until now.

its premiere It is already imminent (in the US it has even been advanced a couple of weeks) so the clip that has now been revealed is not even painted: a small preview of the film as an exclusive scene.

Clip exclusively from Carnage

How do you know the second part of Venom: There will be carnage It will show us how Eddie Brock has gotten used to being Venom’s guest and how life has been going since the events of the first installment.

After a meeting of the journalist with the serial killer Cletus Kasady, he manages to transform into a symbiote, escaping from prison and looking for what he has always wanted: a massacre. Venom will therefore have to face it, thus trying to stop the destructive power of this new creature.

It is precisely the birth of carnage is what we can see in the following exclusive clip shared by Sony. Cletus is going to be executed for his multiple crimes but just as he is being administered the lethal injection, his body reacts, transforming into a powerful creature with a thirst for blood, a lot of blood:

The official trailer already told us that this new installment would be much more moved than the first and this scene now revealed by the production company only confirms that, indeed, it will be a movie with a lot of action.

Remember that Venom: There will be carnage (Venom: Let there be carnage in its English title) will hit the big screen tomorrow in the US and only a few days later to the Spanish market (starting on October 8, it will be seen in some cinemas and from October 15 in the rest of theaters). Are you also looking forward to going to see it?

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