Enjoy your games and movies with the best sound quality with these 3 headphones

If we want to enjoy the best sound experience while we play or if we don’t want to miss any detail of the movies we watch on our computer or TV, we must not only have a quality monitor or TV, but we must also pay special attention to attention for sound sectionjust as important as the visual.

To enjoy the best sound, the best thing to do is to buy a set of 5:1 or 7:1 speakers, however, this is usually go outside of most budgets and, furthermore, not everyone has space in the living room to place us. The solution is to use quality headphones, headphones that do not necessarily have to cost several hundred euros, since, if we search well, we can find excellent options on the market for a very low price.

And, a clear example is found in the 3 offers that we show you below, 3 offers on ideal headphones to enjoy the best sound quality both in video games and in the movies and favorite series that we have downloaded to our computer or through the different streaming video platforms.

Redragon HYLAS H260

In AliExpress we can find the HYLAS H260 headphones from the manufacturer Redragon, headphones with surround sound and a 3.5 mm connection, so we can use them both connected to any PC or to a TV or console. This model features 50mm audio drivers, adjustable microphone with Noise Cancellation, volume control through a wheel on the headphones and RGB lights. In addition, it also includes an adapter to connect it via USB to a computer or console.

The usual price of this Redragon model is 47.02 euros, however, we can currently find them on sale with a 40% discount, so their final price is 28.21 euros. They have an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 possible and we can buy them through the following link.

Redragon H510

Another interesting option from this same manufacturer, Redragon, is found in the H510 model, a 7.1 compatible model that offers a sensation of surround sound that will allow us to immerse ourselves in our favorite video games, series or movies. Includes 5 modes RGB lightingincludes an independent sound line with volume control and microphone on the cable, the pads are made of breathable fabric, the microphone includes noise cancellation and is directional.

Redragon H510

It includes an application for Windows to adjust the sound to the quality we are looking for, and it has a USB connection, a connection that we can use both on computers and consoles. The Redragon H510 headphones are priced at 90 euros and a 35% discount, so their final price is €58.80.

Baseus D02 Pro with Bluetooth

If we are looking for headphones with a Bluetooth connection for both gaming and watching movies, the Baseus D02 are the ones we are looking for. These headphones, easily foldable to take anywhere, have a battery life of up to 50 hours and 1.5 hours of charging, 40mm drivers, and a Bluetooth 5.3 connection, which allows you to enjoy the best sound quality, less consumption and without cuts.

Baseus D02 Pro with Bluetooth

The Baseus D02 are available on AliExpress for €31.39which represents a 46% discount on its usual price, which is 58.14 euros.

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