Enjoy YouTube without anyone knowing what videos you watch

There is no other platform like YouTube. On YouTube we have at our disposal a large number of videos of all kinds, however, in order to access their content, we are forced to suffer a lots of advertising, advertising that, sometimes, we cannot skip. Fortunately, they are not the only way to access this platform using any of the platforms and applications that we show you below.

In addition, the recommendation system sometimes does not always match what we really like, so the best option is to pass YouTube and use one of the 3 options that we show you below, options that, moreover, do not require that we are using our own Google account, so the videos we see, as well as the searches we do, will not be part of our browsing history. In this way, we will prevent YouTube’s recommendation algorithm from continuing to do its thing and continue to be wrong in most cases.

If we don’t want the hit counter register our visualizationeven if we use any of the platforms or applications that we mention here, the only way to do it is by downloading the video, since the source of the video, regardless of where it is accessed from, is the same, YouTube.

NSFW YouTube

NSFW YouTube is an ideal platform for search for videos on YouTube. Through this platform, we can access the videos with the most views of the terms used, without having to access the YouTube website, so the search will not be associated with our history and, incidentally, we will avoid the annoying advertising that invade this platform.

NSFW YouTube


Another interesting option that we have at our disposal, as long as we are Kodi users, for uuse the plugin that gives direct access to this platform, a plugin that we can download through the following link. Obviously, this plugin has not been created by Google, but by the user community and its code is available on GitHub.

It is not necessary to enter our account data to search, so it is an excellent option to take into account if we want to visit YouTube anonymously and prevent the search giant from also knowing what kind of videos we like to watch and/or or what our specific needs are at all times.


Another interesting option that we have at our disposal to access the videos available on YouTube without Google knowing is to use the online platform Togles. Togles allows us search for videos on YouTube. But, in addition, it also allows us to specify what type of videos we want to be displayed in the search results.

In this way, we can choose to show the results by relevance, number of visits, recently uploaded videos. We can also filter the resolution of the videos, if we want the maximum resolution or the standard one, it is more than enough, as well as offering the option to select if we want videos of less than 4 minutes or between 4 and 20 minutes.

We can also use the extension available for Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi and Opera to access the videos available on YouTube without going through the platform.


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